San Francisco: Carnaval 2017 Grand Parade

The city of San Francisco holds countless festivals and street fairs year round long. One of the two festivals that is my favorite (Fillmore Jazz Festival on Fourth of July weekend is the other one) is the Carnaval that falls on the Memorial Day weekend.

I have been to the Carnaval street fair before a couple of times I believe, but was not able to wake up early enough on a Sunday to watch the Grand Parade. This year, we skipped church, woke up early and drove to the city to watch the parade.
Our spot was at the corner of 17th and Mission Streets.


Carnaval is a celebration of Latin culture. There were plenty of bold vibrant colors, feathers and sequence, glitters, traditional clothing and garments, lots of dancing and laughing.

Click here to read about this year's theme of the festival.

Enjoy the parade:

2017 05 28_pentax_8108
Crowd along Mission Street patiently awaiting the parade.

2017 05 28_pentax_8078
Vintage cars not only looked good; there were cars that could raise and lower their chassis and go sideways. Pardon my ignorance on these types of cars.

2017 05 28_pentax_8074
Local celebrity Roberta Gonzalez is in the first car.

2017 05 28_pentax_8113

2017 05 28_pentax_8118
The San Francisco Giants was well represented with Lou Seal and one of the 3 championship trophies.

2017 05 28_pentax_8129
Samoan delegation

2017 05 28_pentax_8166
Mini Bart was there too. This event is definitely BART-able.

More photos from the parade:

2017 05 28_pentax_8169

2017 05 28_pentax_8180

2017 05 28_pentax_8205

2017 05 28_pentax_8207

PicMonkey Collage-6

2017 05 28_pentax_8283

PicMonkey Collage-2

PicMonkey Collage-8

2017 05 28_pentax_8275

2017 05 28_pentax_8321

blue collage

PicMonkey Collage-3

PicMonkey Collage-4

PicMonkey Collage-5

2017 05 28_pentax_8438

2017 05 28_pentax_8439

2017 05 28_pentax_8514

2017 05 28_pentax_8127

2017 05 28_pentax_8234

2017 05 28_pentax_8386

2017 05 28_pentax_8389

2017 05 28_pentax_8511

2017 05 28_pentax_8527

2017 05 28_pentax_8560

2017 05 28_pentax_8565


2017 05 28_pentax_8478


The different flags were sewn together as a sign of unity.

Could you believe we left before the parade was over? We had enough stimulation and we needed to use the bathroom and eat.

I should have warned you that this post contains a whole lot of photos.



  1. NO warming was necessary as I loved every picture -- felt like we were watching in person and I wish we had been. Wow. What a fun and amazing multicultural even.

  2. Wow ~ Wonderful event ~ so colorful and your photography is tops!


  3. Festival ambience captured beautifully!

  4. You must have had loads of fun.
    Thank you for joining this wee's party at

  5. I love a parade and this one looks exceptionally colorful. Great captures!

  6. That looks like fun. I'll be in San Francisco for a wedding in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to it.

  7. This looks pretty cool! Like when communities get together to celebrate their diversity and traditions.

  8. Wonderful images of the Grand Parade, so beautiful!


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