Morocco: More of Fez

This whole day in Fez is so jam-packed. We had seen amazing architecture and incredible artistry in tile work, the colorful vats of the tanneries and the craftsmanship of their leather goods. We have been educated in the process of making rugs and carpets and what to look for including carpet designs. We have experienced gastronomic delight in the lunch offerings and so many little things we have been exposed to and yet the day has more to offer. This optional tour costing $39 is well worth the price.

The next item on our itinerary is a visit to see the palace gates, also called the 7 Gates, because well, there are 7 gates in all. The palace gate was a short bus ride from the medina. It is quite a sight. The royal family has palaces all over the country and this is their palace here in Fez. It is selfie-worthy with all the gilding. The only thing to look out for is make sure you never take any photos of the guards. That’s a big no-no in Morocco. This is easy to accomplish. The guards are not guarding these doors. They are guarding the side door a few yards to the left, so there really is no excuse.

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Well, there’s more! We again went on the bus and it traveled a short distance. We arrived at the Jewish Quarter. The only spot we were slated to visit here was the synagogue. I haven’t been to a synagogue before and so I was quite curious.

The visit to the synagogue was the end of this day’s tour.

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Afterwards when we all got a little rest in the hotel, the question of where to eat arose. Earlier in the day we asked for recommendations on where to eat. Several restaurants were highly recommended.

A group of us, the usual dining mates, picked one that was a local favorite. A twenty-minute walk was what we were told, but it seemed a lot longer than that. Along the way we passed by many eateries, but we were keen on going to this restaurant La Piscope. It’s a casual dining place. The food is good and relatively cheap, but the company was so much better. We took our time with dinner and as if we never wanted our time to end we stopped for a dessert at another creamery/ice cream shop.










  1. I would love to go to Morocco, it looks like a fascinating place to visit in so many ways, so thankyou for taking us there. Happy travels. I've come to you from Our World Tuesday.

  2. Beautiful -- I guess your tour guide told you about not taking pictures of the guards and other stuff you needed to know when you were out on your own?

  3. Such beautiful architecture and the narrow alleyways are fascinating.

  4. Another wonderful series of shots!

  5. very narrow passages between houses. Maybe a godo way to keep yourself slim :)

  6. That foods looks delicious


  7. Sounds like a perfect day - nice shots.

  8. Wow, there is so much to see in Fez! People seem to concentrate on Marrakesh but this city looks beautiful and interesting too.

  9. Fez has long been on our bucket list. Time to move it up a notch or two!


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