Morocco: Sightseeing En Route to Erfoud, part 3

The trip was so long that my camera had a great work out. I think everyone was taking pictures as much as they could given that we were in motion the entire time. The landscape was so beautiful and as I mentioned earlier parts of the trip the landscape was reminiscent of Northern California. However, soon the landscape changed into a more reddish hue.

2017 04 16_canoneos_6913

2017 04 16_canoneos_6915

2017 04 16_canoneos_6917

2017 04 16_canoneos_6919

2017 04 16_canoneos_6918

2017 04 16_canoneos_6921
There are still Berbers who follow the nomadic way of life. They leave this lush grazing area before the winter begins and it would be too cold.

2017 04 16_canoneos_6923

2017 04 16_canoneos_6926

We passed by a small community along the road.

2017 04 16_canoneos_6927

2017 04 16_canoneos_6928

2017 04 16_canoneos_6931

We continued through a town called Azrou which was supposed to be the ancient Berber capital. Today it hosts the country's apple festival; hence apple as the town's symbol.

2017 04 16_canoneos_6959

2017 04 16_canoneos_6932
Pizza Hut is available in this far-away market place.

2017 04 16_canoneos_6937

As we were in transit, the tour manager asked us for our lunch order. Lunch would be at a restaurant inside a hotel on the way and it would facilitate if we could get our orders in before we arrive so that once we do the food will be ready. The menu was quite limited. A choice of tagine (camel) or trout. Trout apparently is the specialty of this region.

2017 04 16_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4074
Arriving at Hotel Taddart which is located in the middle of nowhere, but the location was very picturesque. Pretty soon, more buses came and there were more buses leaving. It appeared that this is the stop for travelers driving this route.

The restaurant in the ground floor was spacious. But we were not here to enjoy the view, we were here to eat.

I opted for the camel tagine, which tasted more like beef to be honest.

The husband had the whole grilled trout.

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  1. Hello, the mountain views are beautiful. It almost looks like desert landscape. I like the apple and fountain! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. The landscape colors are unusual and beautiful. I like the purplish flower clumps in photo #2. And seriously... Pizza Hut!!?

  3. This is all brand new to me, Maria, so I'm getting my education through you. We have LOTS of Moroccans here in the Netherlands but I realize I know very little about their country.

  4. Wonderful tour of the place.

  5. what I liked the best of Morocco is the colors of the land. Beautiful :)

  6. Wow that header shot of the camel caravan on the dunes is wonderful! Such an amazing trip.

  7. Beautiful red landscape.
    Interesting to know what camel tastes like. :) I really enjoyed this post. :)

  8. Lovely shots. And your new header photo is amazing!

  9. Gorgeous! What an amazing experience! Love the photo with the snowcapped mountains.


  10. Beautiful shots, as usual! I've been wanting to go to Morocco but the recent news have discouraged me. Oh well. And when did you change your theme? Super love this!


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