Morocco: Sightseeing En Route to Erfoud, part 4

Right after lunch, no lollygagging was allowed which was really sad since the hotel was worth inspecting. There was a painting exhibit in the foyer and many of the works are really good. I photographed the one that I really liked. It was a big piece that I didn’t even think about asking for the price.

2017 04 16_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4067

Back to the road we went and from this point on we saw more orange/yellow/reddish-brown hues than green. Not too long after we got back on the road, one of our tour mates got sick. I think something she ate didn’t agree well with her. We had to stop while the tour manager, the woman's husband and my husband who is a certified EMT assisted her.

Several of my tour mates have been suffering from bad stomach at this point. I don't know what it was that made them sick. I guess some people's constitution are simply weak. Thankfully no matter what we eat outside or inside the country, including street food in India, our stomach seem to fare very well.

Anyhow, once she felt a lot better and was able to continue with the trip, we rode some more. For the rest of the trip, the pretty landscape occupied my time, which is why I never get bored, nor had any intent to sleep.

2017 04 16_canoneos_6995

2017 04 16_canoneos_7005

2017 04 16_canoneos_7007

2017 04 16_canoneos_7030

2017 04 16_canoneos_7050

2017 04 16_canoneos_7048




After all desert-like landscape we arrived at an oasis. We could only photograph it from above.
2017 04 16_canoneos_7040

2017 04 16_canoneos_7045

2017 04 16_canoneos_7044

We asked how the gov't can avoid road closures due to sand blowing into the road. The tour manager showed us the ingenious way they combat sand migration. They use dried palm leaves as barriers for sand going into the road.
2017 04 16_canoneos_7051

We were nearing Erfoud when we passed by towns.



It was near dinner time when we finally arrived at the hotel.



  1. I'm am learning so much about this country through your eyes, Maria, so THANK YOU for these posts. I'm really surprised by what I'm seeing.

  2. Such unique landscapes! I was interested to learn you were actually in my neck of the woods. From Morocco to White Rock. How awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures too. :)

  3. beautiful, never seen any shots of this before. amazing!

  4. The landscape has a beauty all of its own.

  5. Such amazing landscapes; very stunning those all desert-like landscapes!! thanks for sharing all of these aspects from your travel! a nice week!

  6. There are a lot of nice photos in here. I like the towns surrounded by the reddish desert tones. I do not have a lot of stomach problems when I travel but I got very sick when I visited Egypt. To my surprise, I got sick in Spain too (a few years ago). It took me an entire week to recover.

  7. I love the painting - it looks so real I could reach out and shake their hands!

  8. Fabulous scenes. I like that painting.

  9. Wow! that is some gorgeous landscape. We recently visited Ladakh which a region in India and the mountain ranges there was also very beautiful. I feel like visiting Morocco after seeing your pictures. The painting that you clicked, I recently clicked a picture like that. :)

  10. Very cool!
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