Morocco: Sightseeing En Route to Erfoud, part 2

There is something about road trips that I find so fascinating. For a while I couldn't fathom why I like long road trips. Then recently, it clicked to me. When I was growing up, we hardly traveled at all. On those rare times that we were traveling to the big city (which was 3 hours bus ride away) I would have my face plastered on the window looking out at the scenery. I loved seeing everything that is on the road side from big coke bottles to people going about their daily work in the field.

Thus, when this part of the tour came about, I probably was the only one excited. I know not many people can sightsee all day long. I could not contain my excitement. It is also this reason why I had so many photos on this long road trip.

I noticed that there are murals on fences and walls of schools. I first saw them while the train was traveling from Rabat to Casablanca on the first day.

2017 04 16_canoneos_6904

2017 04 16_canoneos_6906

2017 04 16_canoneos_6909
A UN climate change conference was held in the country the past year. The sign was still there.

The storks were also sighted at a small town. They took over the roofs of the houses, even the chimneys.

2017 04 16_canoneos_6908

2017 04 16_canoneos_6910
Look at this impressive stork nest. Let's hope no strong wind blows this off the roof.

Near Ifrane we passed by this curious resort/camping site.

2017 04 16_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4040

2017 04 16_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4044

2017 04 16_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4041

As we continued through the Atlas Mountains, we passed through an area where monkeys inhabit the neighborhood. Tourists, local and foreign, stop here to take photos with the monkeys. We stopped a bit to look at the monkeys, but we did not go down. There were plenty of monkeys going about being naughty taking tourists possession. One monkey was still long enough for me to photograph it.

2017 04 16_canoneos_6879

This is my entry for this week's OUR WORLD TUESDAY.


  1. Lovely roadtrip...I'm so glad you know how to make the most of them, because you got some great pictures as the bus covered the miles. And you know I love them too! Even through (way) less exotic places.

  2. You captured so many different aspects of the journey in just a few photos.

  3. Great photos. I don't think we have storks anywhere near here - they look to be mammoth birds. I'll have to look 'em up.
    Thanks for linking up at

  4. Great tour of the place. Beautiful shots.

  5. Lovely shots and - wow! - amazing stork nests!

  6. This is a very interesting road trip! So many beautiful places to appreciate. I have never seen storks (or their nests). Hope I can see them one day. Their pictures (and related merchandise) were all over Alsace (France).

  7. Nice to see these sights from the road trip. Real storks (unlike the ones in Solvang) and stork nests on roofs, whoa!


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