Morocco: Tour of Medina (Fez), part 7

Let me show you a few more photos my husband and I took inside the medina and in the souk. The medina is a goldmine for photography lovers and enthusiasts, not to mention avid bloggers.

We spotted graffiti.

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4118

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4117

And notable door knockers.

2017 04 15_canoneos_7136

2017 04 15_canoneos_7149

2017 04 15_canoneos_7093

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4114

And in the wet market, some fish. I was not in the mood to photograph animal head and other parts of animal body hanging on the stalls ready for sale.

2017 04 15_canoneos_7279

And clams and snails.

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4255
We were so busy with our itinerary that we did not do any shopping here, but we managed to photograph a few items for sale.

2017 04 15_canoneos_7278

2017 04 15_canoneos_7264

The tagine stall was manned by four paws and furs, who were not keen on selling.

2017 04 15_canoneos_7258

And of course, there were cats. I fed a few of them with the bag of treats I hand-carried from home.

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4106

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4108

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4223

The narrow alleys were always interesting.

2017 04 15_canoneos_7226

2017 04 15_canoneos_7236

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4115
This alley is so narrow if I eat another piece of cake, I would not be able to go through.

And we exited through the Blue Gate or Bab Boujeloud.

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4262

The towering entryway with its mosaic tiles is the most iconic portal to the old medina, Fes el-Bali, the world’s largest surviving medieval city and urban car-free zone. The blue on the side that greets new visitors represents the color of the city of Fes, which is famous for its pottery, painted with elegant cobalt blue designs. The reverse side, which faces the medina, is green—the color of Islam. (source)

2017 04 15_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_4259
Here is another look, does it look blue to you?

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  1. Hello, wonderful images, full of colors and details. I like the cute kitties too. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. Love the door knockers. The narrow alleys are totally intriguing!! Great post.

  3. How inspiring, Maria. I don't expect to ever get to Morocco, even though it's not that far away from us here in the Netherlands. That's why seeing it through your eyes is so gratifying. Thank you.

  4. I would probably not try that narrow alley :)

  5. Fine shots and interesting commentary!! I enjoyed working backwards through all your Morocco posts!! It's an amazing country from many points of view, and a delight for gourmands/photographers. In 2016, after our OAT tour, I had 25 postings of the trip. So, I'll be looking forward to more from you. Cheers....

  6. beautiful detail on those doors. Awwww the kitties are so cute.

  7. Awesome. Loved your Morocco tour series pics.

  8. What an amazing place to explore.

  9. These shots of Morocco are absolutely gorgeous! Everything – the graffiti, the architecture, the cats?! So beautiful! :)

  10. I have almost the same pictures! Morocco is a beautiful country have been there 3 times. (On my travel blog)


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