Morocco: Rissani, part 3

By the time we were done visiting the ksar, it was something closer to noon, at least. The bus dropped us off a building where you can get some refreshments and use the facilities. This was also where we were going to get our new ride for our Saharan adventure and ditch the big tour bus.

Surprisingly, there was one guy in the group that did not sign up for this activity. It's fuzzy what the reason was, but I believed that he said he'd done it before. Anyway, he went with the tour bus back to the hotel/resort where he said he had a great time at the bar and at the spa.

When the 4X4s arrived, we were grouped into 4 per jeep, 5 including the driver. Naturally, the four of us made a group. When everyone got loaded up in their own jeep (the tour guide went with a group) we began our trek into the dessert. I was so ready to get into the jeep for much needed air conditioning. It was too hot that I could not feel any hunger pangs.

2017 04 17_canoneos_6526
The first part of the trip was along a paved. I was enjoying the ride and the passing scenery.

2017 04 17_canoneos_6533
It was a long drive. I knew many of us were getting bored, like kids on the way to Disneyland. Are we there yet?

Finally, the jeep went off the road. There was no longer any paved road, but the terrain was so flat that each vehicle made its own road. Sometimes 3 or 4 vehicles travel in tandem. You have to follow the jeep ahead of you, and that could be tough with all the dust flying around. It felt like we were in a race with the other jeeps and when we passed one vehicle, we would be waving like crazy kids. So much fun. It was really tough to take photos when you're bouncing about in the jeep. My husband took all of these photos. Stubbornly, despite all of us yelling to stop him, he rolled down the windows to take photos giving us dust baths. He only did that once. The drive was long as well. I had no idea how long it really was but about an hour is a good guesstimate.

The actual terrain is really flat with a couple or so hilly areas. There were very little greenery to be enjoyed. It's a huge flat open space.

2017 04 17_canoneos_6534

2017 04 17_canoneos_6535

2017 04 17_canoneos_6536

2017 04 17_canoneos_6538

2017 04 17_canoneos_6576

2017 04 17_canoneos_6541

2017 04 17_canoneos_6542

We passed by a couple of housing compounds. It's incredible how people live in isolation. When the noise of the automobiles were heard, some of the locals came out to wave at us.

2017 04 17_canoneos_6544

2017 04 17_canoneos_6547

2017 04 17_canoneos_6567

Finally, after about an hour, we arrived at an oasis (Tisserdimine, an oasis at the bottom of Erg Chebbi ) in the middle of nowhere. This was to be our lunch stop. We were led towards an area where tables and chairs were set up and light cloth was draped over some wood and wires to keep the sun off the diners. The spread was set up buffet style that included Moroccan bbq style of chicken, beef and vegetables, pasta, cold salads and different types of breads. Fresh fruits were available for dessert and coffee, tea, water, juice and sodas were available also. Sorry no food photos

2017 04 17_canoneos_6546

2017 04 17_canoneos_6556

2017 04 17_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_3933

2017 04 17_canoneos_6559

It was a relaxing set up and location. We took time enjoying lunch and each other's company. Rugs were also laid out for those who want a little shut eye after a heavy meal.



2017 04 17_canoneos_6557
A local ready for a nap.

A tourist already napping.

The spot is a real life oasis. Again, so peaceful and relaxing. But this day's adventure is not over yet!

(to be continued)

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  1. Hello, what a wonderful series of images. I love seeing the children and the cute donkeys. The trees are pretty. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. This does look like a great adventure. The oasis is so pretty. I wonder if those are date palms?

  3. Fantastic to see the desert like this! I love Morocco.

  4. Definitely sounds like a wild adventure.

  5. Amazing, Loved the series. Beautiful pics.

  6. Nice desert but i always wonder how people can live in such a harsh environment.

  7. What a great adventure you had! Amazing place. The photos are beautiful.

  8. What an adventure. The meal at the oasis and an opportunity to take a nap sounds awesome to me.

  9. You are really on an adventure. Looks a bit like the southwest here in the states. I remember the flat deserts, with cacti and nothing for miles and wondering if we were there yet and finally an oasis somewhere in California. Luckily, dad had brought a water container. Nothing for miles! I believe there were mountains in the background though, I could be wrong. It was a long, long, long time ago when I went on a similar adventure. I like that you had a meal and a nap. Can't wait to see more of your adventure next week. Take care.

  10. Morocco is a strange country. In the south we saw an old woman walking in teh middle of nowhere. Just sand. No buildings in sight. no trees no nothing but the old woman.

  11. That was quite a drive just to see all that sand ! I liked the nap time best of all. There's nothing like a bit of shut eye after a nice meal.

  12. A superb series of pictures. Impressive!

  13. That sounds awesome - I wouldn't find that drive boring at all. The tallest sand dunes in North America (up to 750 feet high) are less than three hours from our house.

  14. What an adventure you are having ~ got to like the desert ~ thanks, ^_^

    (A ShutterBug Explores)

  15. Such an amazing trip... that napping tourist is more relaxed than i could ever be in public; I kind of envy him. I think the roadtrip would have been fun!.


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