Morocco: On The Way to Essaouira

On day 3 in Marrakech, we arranged for a private van for a day trip to neighboring coastal town of Essaouira. By we, I mean the hubs and I and the couple we traveled with from Oakland, dear friends of ours and another Bay Area resident Tom who was traveling solo. One of only two in the group that was traveling solo.

Majority of the people in the tour group opted to sign up for the Optional Tour to Essaouira, and they left early on a big bus with the tour manager, Mr. Sninat. The other couple that we hang around with decided that they would stay in Marrakech and enjoy the medina and Jamaa el Fna more.

Because we were doing our own thing privately, we got the chance to wake up a bit later and leisurely eat breakfast.

The van pulled up in front of the hotel and we were notified of his arrival. It was a 7-seater van and more than enough for the 5 of us. It was more or less about 3 hours drive to the coastal town.

As a devout road trip enthusiast, I was at my happy place watching the foreign sceneries pass by.

2017 04 21_canoneos_5550_edited-1

2017 04 21_canoneos_5552_edited-1

2017 04 21_canoneos_5556

2017 04 21_canoneos_5558

2017 04 21_canoneos_5560

2017 04 21_canoneos_5564

2017 04 21_canoneos_5568

2017 04 21_canoneos_5570

2017 04 21_canoneos_5583

2017 04 21_canoneos_5577

2017 04 21_canoneos_5574

Much later, we stopped at a road side attraction. To be perfectly honest, until that day I did not knew this existed. And THIS is the tree with goats up on its limbs. The tree is argan and this is the only region in Morocco that produces the liquid gold known as argan oil.

From the side of the road we took photos of the scene, because if you go closer and take photos, the owner (I presume) would collect fees. Yap you have to pay to have a selfie with the goats on the tree.

2017 04 21_canoneos_5598

2017 04 21_canoneos_5603

2017 04 21_canonpwsmoroccolisbon_2895

2017 04 21_canoneos_5597

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  1. Looks like a very interesting place.

  2. Ha, I like the goat tree shots!! I had no idea they could climb like that. What an interesting place.

  3. Amazing place. Beautiful pics. Loved last 3 pics :)

  4. Love those goats in the trees!

  5. Hello, lovely photos from your trip. I love the view of the road. The goat tree is amazing. Thanks for sharing your visit. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Wow! Those goats are incredible

  7. Fascinating - I wonder what the goats think about being in the trees...

  8. Those goats in the trees -- so amazing! Love the camels, too!

  9. I had no idea about goats in a tree like that, but my husband wasn't surprised to see your photos like I was. He told me that the argan seed is very hard to crack open. When the seeds are digested by the goats, they poop them out. The poop is collected and the argan seeds are easier to get the oil from then after having gone through the goats' digestive process. I'm flabbergasted!

  10. Fascinating narrative and wonderful shots to accompany it.


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