Lisbon: Torre de Belem and the Monument of Discoveries

We left the monastery and walked over to the next stop, the Torre de Belem. It was a sunny pleasantly mild day that there a large number of people out and about.

2017 04 23_canoneos_5309

2017 04 23_canoneos_5310
Need to cross the pedestrian bridge.

2017 04 23_canoneos_5314
View from pedestrian bridge.

2017 04 23_canoneos_5317
The Torre de Belem from the pedestrian bridge.

Probably due to the pleasant weather, we saw Portugal's version of food truck scattered near the waterfront and by the Torre. Except that we saw more of hydration vehicles.

2017 04 23_canoneos_5336

2017 04 23_canoneos_5334

2017 04 23_canoneos_5344

Ignoring the food trucks, or whatchamacallit here, we hurried to the tower. For some reason I remember our need to hurry because we were worried the tower will be closed by the time we get there. Anyhow, there was a long line to go in. We took our spot at the end of the line and waited in line for a minute or so. The brief time that we were standing, the line behind us got longer. One of us asked the question why were we standing there when we already have a ticket? In the monastery, we bought a combination tix for both the monastery and the tower. So we inquired at the front and good thing we did. Apparently the long line is for those that did not have any tickets. Those that bought tickets online or on other sites that offer tickets go to the other line (which at that time was nonexistent), so we made a line.

Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy to get inside. In the tower, they first let out everyone who's inside, then let in 120 people at a time. Once inside, there wasn't much to see, although the view from out there is spectacular.

2017 04 23_canoneos_5319




The boys wanted to climb this, which is technically like the 3rd level and were very excited about doing so until they saw there's another line that wrapped around the second level where we were standing.

2017 04 23_canoneos_5325
From the tower, view of the Christ the King, the 25 de Abril Bridge and the Tagus River.

2017 04 23_canoneos_5329
From the tower we can see how jampacked the Monument of Discoveries is.

We left the tower and relished an enjoyable walk towards the monument. We stopped momentarily to get some ice cream to lick on the walk. While they were buying, I was photographing everything.

2017 04 23_canoneos_5338





Jeronimo's Monastery is across the road from the monument.

to be continued..............



  1. So many people! My gosh. I read where some touristy places are being 'loved to death'.... this looks like that might be true. But the castle is beautiful -- thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so exciting!!! I just posted photos of our stop in Lisbon. You have even more fantastic photos!!! Thank you.

  3. I never made it to Belem, so thank you for these wonderful shots.

  4. What wonderful images - the place looks marvelous (although I am not a fan of crowds and would hope to get there first thing in the morning)!
    Thanks for sharing your photos with us at

  5. ...what a beautiful, sunny collection of treasures! There are so many lovely things to enjoy. The food trucks are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing at Tuesdays Treasures.

  6. Magnificent photography of Lisbon ~ looks like an intriguing place!

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. wonderful pictures! i would like the wine with a view and the mint/ginger lemonade! i recognize the bp gas stations!

  8. That is a very impressive monument.

  9. Wonderfully captured in pictures and narration!

  10. Thanks for these photos, as i might not be able to visit that dreamt place in this lifetime.

  11. These are some wonderful scenes. Thanks for sharing them and for the information, too.

  12. Beautiful scenes and commentary. I enjoyed your photos very much.

  13. We can see why there were such long lines. So much to see and photograph. And great views too. Thank you for sharing this trip with us. :)

  14. A fine monument indeed. Great views!

  15. Awesome pics. Loved the post.


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