Some of My Favorite Cat Photos

I don't know if you know this about me, but I have two cats and I'm crazy about them. At last years trip to Morocco, I brought cat kibble and doled out treats to cats I meet. Photographing cats is one of my joys. Here are some of my favorite cat photos.

greece and venice 2014 241
This cutie is from Mykonos.

This beauty is from Casablanca.

Chatterbox from California.

pentax-barisal 216
Mother and kit from Bangladesh.

A true California beauty.

2014 07 15_pentax_2857
One of my most favorite is this duo from California.

venice and greece 1069e
This friendly feline is from the island of Corfu.

I felt chastised by the look this kitty gave me after I acted like a pawparazzi.

canon 023
Well-dressed Californian.

This gorgeous Greek is from Athens.

2012_10_28 022
Another favorite of mine, from California.

The following are my two precious kitties, both are rescued. Emma is the gray and white tuxedo and Buster is the orange ginger boy.

I'm Cold!
Buster in 2010, the year of his adoption.

The most current photo of Buster, 2/28/18, while face-timing with his catpapa.

..........and sleep.
Emma on her first full day in forever home, 4/1/10.

Most current photos, 2/27/18.

This is how we roll at bedtime.



  1. Gorgeous photos! You captured the softness and the expressions so artfully. Love the eyes! Your kitties are so sweet and very beautiful. I LOVE cats and mine are very spoiled too. Thanks for sharing the photos :)


  2. I am a fan of cats, myself, although I am sadly without one now. The ones you photographed are all beauties, especially your two!

  3. Did you have to ask permission of all those cats before posting?! You have some terrific photos there.

  4. Awww - what sweet cat shots!

  5. Wow! What awesome cats and fantastic photos!

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Oh you got a lot, and they are all beautiful. Of course your photos are always great, there's no question. I am somehow like you too, we have plenty of cats and we give the kittens to whoever want them because neutering in this country is not a common practice. It is so expensive to do that with private vets. I have also taken some stray cats when in other countries and they also look like ours, haha!

  7. Sweet darlings! I can't imagine this world without cats.

  8. This is my favorite post in a long time. I love cats but my wife is allergic so we can't have any. You've captured all these so perfectly!

  9. Your Bangladesh cats reminded me of a brother and sister pair we had once. The one with a black ear we called Piper. The one with golden ears we called Comanche. We were flying those types of airplanes at the time. We also had a cat called Cessna. Kind of theme. - Margy

  10. You are so much like me! I take photos of cats and dogs wherever we travel! Every one looks SO sweet. I love that Buster face times. That makes me smile.


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