Road Trip to Pacific Northwest: Crossing the Border to Canada

Day 3

Big day today, we were going to cross the border to have lunch with friends we haven't seen in a very long while. It took about 2 - 2.5 hours from Seattle to the border. The drive was marked by interesting passing scenery including passing by a few casinos. We even passed by Skagit Valley, famous for its annual tulip festival - the one I've been dreaming of going to for years.

On the border, we encountered a very long line entering Canada and next to it another lane where the cars just zips by. We thought this was the Global Entry line so we took it. We were asked to go inside and present ourselves. It was a very short wait, something like 15 minutes. Our mistake was thinking that carrying a Global Entry card meant we could just enter any country, no fuss no muss. We are sorely mistaken. Anyway, we got interviewed and I believe we paid a small amount and off we went.

2017 08 23_pentax_9351

2017 08 23_pentax_9354

2017 08 23_pentax_9356

2017 08 23_pentax_9362

2017 08 23_pentax_9360

2017 08 23_pentax_9364


Our friends live near the border in the coastal town called White Rock. We intentionally came early so that we could look around the town. I did not expect it to be right by the water, but it was, and that was so nice. White Rock has a very resort town vibe. Restaurants and stores line the street fronting the water. There is a pier that everyone goes to. It was a very pleasant late August day and many people were going to the water.

2017 08 23_canonpws_8898

2017 08 23_pentax_9384

2017 08 23_canonpws_8892

2017 08 23_pentax_9396

2017 08 23_pentax_9368

2017 08 23_pentax_9369

2017 08 23_pentax_9373

2017 08 23_canonpws_8905

2017 08 23_canonpws_8915

2017 08 23_pentax_9399
White Rock is a charming little town. I'm glad that we offered to drive all the way here to meet our friends. For lunch our friends chose a local, very popular restaurant whose main seller is fish and chips. When you order 1 fish that means you get 2 pieces. The restaurant is also where our friend worked as a cook all through college and his photo is even on the wall.

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  1. Hi! The photos of White Rock are very beautiful. It looks very easy to go through the border. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those sandy patches make for such great photos. Nice hearing about White Rock. :)

  3. Hello, looks like a beautiful waterfront town. Lovely series of photos. Enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  4. Love the water patterns on the sand. White Rock looks like a cool little town and a fun place to visit with friends!!

  5. It looks like a very pretty town - nice photos.

  6. Oooohhhh, my home town! I miss it so much, stranded out here on the prairie, but were planning a trip out there before summer to visit my family. (Come to think of it, we should go in the summer, because the weather there will be far cooler than on the bald prairie!) Meanwhile, thank you SO much for posting your beautiful photos. I am going to look at them again and again, while I dream of fish and chips. I'm keeping this page open on my computer as long as I can! By the way, I'm so dumb I once told Canada Customs I had to buy a new tire because I got a flat in Seattle...and they made me pay duty on it! Still, it's a great border crossing...lots of beauty to look at while you sit in the lineup.
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  7. Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love the blue sky above the dark green trees! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics.

  9. Those patterns in the sand with the skies reflections are pretty amazing.

  10. Neat drive, beautiful beach scenes, and what a sweet little town -- (Not familiar with it at all) ... I'm glad you make the journey.

  11. What a delightful sequence of shots and looks like a great trip. I also love the header for this blog.


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