Road Trip To Pacific Northwest

Last summer, we embarked on a week-long road trip to the Pacific Northwest stopping for the night at Ashland and Eugene in Oregon and Seattle in Washington.

I took the wheel as we pulled out of the driveway, taking the first shift, as the husband was not a morning person. He's not functional at all before 9 am. This was the day of the total solar eclipse of 2017 and we were previously told that we'd be encountering many delay as we would be heading towards the epicenter of the eclipse.

However, much to my delight, that did not happen at all. I had the road almost to myself. That was also the first day of school for so many. I know because our friends couldn't join us on the road trip because their kids were due back to school that day.

While I enjoyed driving in quiet and peace, I was longing to be able to do some drive by shooting. The husband was still in dreamland prostrate on the passenger seat next to me.

Somewhere in Shasta Lake, we stopped for gas and that was the cue for us to change driving shifts. It was here that the eclipse happened. We did not even get to Oregon to view it. Honestly though, I wasn't interested much, but the husband chose to stay put while the place darkened, you can definitely see the drastic change. He took a few photos but nothing really great, because we could not set up the tripod.

When we went back on the road, I was sitting in the passenger seat and the camera did not leave my hand the entire way.

2017 08 21_pentax_9574_edited-1

2017 08 21_pentax_9577

2017 08 21_pentax_9578

2017 08 21_pentax_9579
Weed, California

2017 08 21_pentax_9580

2017 08 21_pentax_9585

2017 08 21_pentax_9587

2017 08 21_pentax_9588

We noticed that around the Oregon border that the sky had turned hazy. As it turned out, there were several wildfires burning at the same time and the smoke were being pushed towards California and in Southern Oregon we could not miss the signs. Best to stay inside the car and keep the windows closed.

2017 08 21_pentax_9590

2017 08 21_pentax_9591

This road trip was meant to recreate the road trip we took in 2006. It was the first travel we took (we were not married yet), and Oregon made such positive impact on both of us and it spurred us to crave traveling. As a homage to the 2006 road trip, our first destination is also Crater Lake NP. We saw it then covered in snow; now we were so excited to view it under blue sky; although we feared that the smoke had gotten over there too making the sky hazy, sigh.

2017 08 21_pentax_9598

2017 08 21_pentax_9600

We saw many people hiking towards Crater Lake, some with their thumbs out hoping for a ride.

Outside of the park, we stopped when we saw cars have stopped and people looking out at something.

2017 08 21_canonpws_9118

2017 08 21_canonpws_9119

2017 08 21_pentax_9610

2017 08 21_canonpws_9120

2017 08 21_pentax_9611

2017 08 21_canonpws_9121

2017 08 21_pentax_9616



  1. We've driven that route many times and I enjoyed seeing this familiar trip through your eyes. We were very fortunate to find a place out of the smoke in order to view the total eclipse last summer. We were enthralled and happy to be in Oregon.

  2. When we go on driving trips I love it when my wife drives and I can do some shooting with the camera. I experienced the total eclipse while in Idaho last year and I loved it. Such an otherworldly experience.

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip, wonderful views!

  4. Living in BC we get to Washington and Oregon quite frequently. We visit Eugene, Corvallis, Seattle and Bellingham a lot for college sporting events. - Margy

  5. Must be amazing to see a total eclipse.

  6. I have been to Crater Lake, but none of the others, So interesting! So many fun places to visit.

  7. This part of the country is on my bucket list. Beautiful country. Thank you for the tour.

  8. Some lovely scenery - gorgeous shots!
    Thanks for joining us at

  9. I´m glad you were in the passenger seat. :) Great shots :)

  10. Beautiful pics from your trip. Keep sharing.

  11. I just left the US after spending 5.5 months there. I got stuck in New Orleans though so I didn't get to explore much. Next year when I go back I'll definitely take road trips like this!


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