Road Trip to Pacific Northwest: Chihuly Garden and Glass

Day 3

Back to Seattle from a brief visit to White Rock, BC, it was time to make a stop at the Space Needle and the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit. Both attractions are located next to each other so it’s an easy thing to hit both at the same time.

We visited the Space Needle first because of time constraint (our ticket was for a day ending at 4:30 pm I believe, because there’s another ticket for a sunset visit), but I’ll be blogging about the Chihuly Garden and Glass first – just because.

I’m sure by now almost everyone is familiar with Chihuly’s incredible blown glass pieces. I have first become acquainted with the artist and his work on a visit to Vegas, as I’m sure many of you will also admit to that fact.

Strangely enough I did not peg him to be American – given the name I assumed he’s from somewhere else. Of course silly me, I should have not jumped into that conclusion knowing that these united states are comprised of immigrants from all over the globe.

So if you were left flabbergasted and your jaw on the floor while gawking at his beautiful ceiling work in a Vegas hotel/casino, well you are in for more treat here.

Every room is filled with masterpieces, in my opinion. Large pieces, small pieces, bold colors, delicate and elegant, in different shapes – you’re truly in for a real treat – if you are into this type of art just like me. I was in heaven while visiting this museum.

Enjoy the photos.

2017 08 23_pentax_9441


2017 08 23_canonpws_8970

2017 08 23_canonpws_8972





2017 08 23_canonpws_8989








2017 08 23_canonpws_8995

2017 08 23_canonpws_9009

2017 08 23_pentax_9476

2017 08 23_pentax_9495





2017 08 23_pentax_9484
A reflection of us and the Space Needle from the glass orb in the garden.

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  1. wow I love all of the glass sculptures

  2. Always a treat to see Chihuly creations....

  3. Amazing colors and shapes! They really transform a garden. Love your closing reflection shot!

  4. His works are always fascinating and what wonderful photography you did!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A Shutter Bug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. We visited the Chihuli Seattle exhibit several years ago and it was a highlight of the trip. The works are just so beautiful and they are displayed well. I love how he incorporates his art into gardens.

  6. So beautiful. It is hard to imagine all that beauty made from blown glass. I live up north of Seattle near the Pilchuck Glass School Chihuly started many years ago. It is still going strong and is a blast to visit

  7. So many good shots there.

  8. Fabulous photos of fabulous art Maria!! The space needle reflection one is beyond amazing!! We have visited his studio in Tacoma but not this one if it is in Seattle.

  9. Your photos captured the beauty of the art. Well done!

  10. I always enjoyed visiting Seattle, often for a baseball game, and often to walk through Pike Place Market. I have to admit that I've never been up the Space Needle, even though I first had the opportunity when it was brand new in 1962. Your art photos are wonderful, every one of them, and I was also delighted to see that you visited my home town: White Rock, BC, where I hope to be by the middle of next month. I hope you enjoyed it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. wow, spectaculat glass art :) Very beautiful!

  12. OMG, they are such spectacular photos! And the designs so great too, your photog skills matched them.


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