Championship Parade

If you are a fan of basketball, NBA to be specific you knew that our local team the Golden State Warriors won the title two years in a row (3 in 4 years) earlier this month. On June 12, a Tuesday, they held their championship parade in the streets of Oakland, California.

The word about the parade is that unlike the two previous parades, there would be no speeches at the end of the parade. I suppose after having the same speech the past two parades, they just wanted to do it differently this year. In lieu of the speeches, the players went down their buses and interacted with the fans who line up the streets hours before the parade.

We arrived early and was able to pick our spot. We got very lucky too because the spot we have has shade when the parade started and it was elevated so we had a good view of the players.

2018 06 12_pentax_3234
While waiting for the parade to start, the local police officers graciously acted as photographers.

There was a lot of waiting and the crowd grew thicker as parade neared. I whiled the time away by taking photos of my fellow fans.

2018 06 12_pentax_3224

2018 06 12_pentax_3245

2018 06 12_pentax_3249

2018 06 12_pentax_3225

2018 06 12_pentax_3259

2018 06 12_pentax_3250

Then the parade started.

UC Berkeley band

Mayor Libby and MC Hammer
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and rapper MC Hammer

Al Attles
Al Attles, former Warrior player.

NBC Sports Bay Area talking heads
Talking heads from NBC Sports Bay Area.

Lo Neal
95.7 the game's Jo, Lo and Dibs - morning talk show hosts.

Gavin Newsome
Former San Francisco mayor and current California Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom.


Klay and Zaza
Klay and Zaza

Shaun Livingston
Shaun Livingston went down the bus

Patrick McCaw
Patrick McCaw

Javale McGee
Javale McGee taking selfie with fans

Swaggy P (Nick Young)
Nick "Swaggy P" Young partied with the fans

Mike Brown
Asst Coach Mike Brown signed autographs

Steve Kerr
Coach Steve Kerr

The Currys
MVP Stephen Curry with pregnant wife and chef Ayesha

Riley Curry
Riley Curry giving out some wrist band.

Kevin Durant and Quinn Cook
MVP Kevin Durant shared the bus with Quinn Cook

Draymond Green
Draymond Green always make a statement with his tee-shirts.

Jordan Bell
Rookie Jordan Bell had the most fun; when his Henny was gone, he found someone in the crowd that shared his bottle with him.

Strength in Numbers!

Same time next year, Warriors?



  1. Looks about as exciting as rugby is to us kiwis

  2. Congrats to the Warriors. Looks like a nice parade. Enjoy your day!

  3. Looks like fun. I have so little interest in sports I couldn't have told you they've won any championships!


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