Pacifica: Beach and Bites

May 25th this year marked our 11th wedding anniversary. While we don't celebrate the day in a normal fashion, we did take a day off (it being a Friday) and after some work-related appointment by the husband we trooped to the beach and grabbed the chance to try another restaurant for a little bite.

I tagged along with husband as he took some licensing examinations. Afterwards, we thought we'd spend the beautiful day in foggy, cloudy, and windy Pacifica. Pacifica is a coastal city near San Francisco and a pretty nice day trip destination (if you are willing to hurdle the traffic towards San Francisco), especially in the summer time.

It was not summer yet, but despite the drizzle we headed off to the beach. Pacifica is known for surfing, but each time I go I see fishermen instead. The clouds parted temporarily while we were there, but not for long. By the time we were ready to eat, it was drizzling again.







Perfect timing for the drizzle, we were just pulling up in the restaurant's parking lot. For bites, we chose to try Puerto 27, Peruvian food and pisco bar. We arrived in time for happy hour and ordered a few from the Happy Hour menu and one main dish. Sat in the bar and looked out past the bar into the ocean. Occasionally we looked at the tv hanging on the wall, but our team, the champion Warriors did not have any game that night.

I started with pisco of course. Realized I kinda like pisco.

The husband had a bourbon-based cocktail.

Ceviche and plantain chips.

Choritos (pan fried mussels)

Empanada with aji verde aioli

Pescado a lo macho - whole fried branzino (European bass) with seafood stew and jasmine rice.

We lingered over the meal, enjoying the good food, the yummy drinks and the gray view of the Pacific Ocean.

Took one photo while getting caught up in a traffic jam in San Francisco.



  1. Hello, Happy Anniversary! The beach looks beautiful. Hubby and I enjoy the happy hours, usually we find a decent meal at a great price during happy hour. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  2. The food looks interesting.
    We visited Pacific a few years ago and I remember everything was so gray that day -- the sky and the colour of sand there, were pretty much the same. :D We found some good Thai food there. :)

    Happy Anniversary to you guys. :)

  3. Happy anniversary! What lovely beach shots.

  4. Apart from the rice it all looks like food I would enjoy, hope you both had a great time.

  5. Beautiful beaches and oh my the food you had. And the traffic jam. When I loved in Houston years ago the jam going back into town after a summer weekend was horrendous.

  6. Congratulations for your 25th wedding anniversary. The dishes look very delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The scenery and food both look beautiful. I love the Pacific coast.

  8. I like the beach. It is beautiful.

  9. Beautiful beach. Nice to read your post.
    Amazing photos.


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