Weekend in San Diego: When It's Time to Head Back Home

The problem with weekends is that they never are long enough and they end faster than you think. While we were in San Diego for a very short weekend, we were able to go to Liberty Station to sample the food at their public market - an indoor market place that every city has nowadays. Liberty Station is a mixed use development in what used to be the Naval Training Center in San Diego. It's a place that I would spend more time in should I see myself visiting this beautiful city again.


Recently I've noted that my desire to photograph everything had waned considerably; thus, the only thing that got photographed from the visit to the market was this order of arancini balls from one of the stalls.

On the day that we were leaving, we made sure that we had a peek at the famous UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER sculpture. That was on Memorial Day and it was a gorgeous day, with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. A quintessential California day.

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2018 05 28_canonpws_3048

Another place I have always wanted to see is La Jolla. Thankfully we have managed to squeeze a little time to see the beach.





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  1. Truly Beautiful. Awesome pics.
    Greetings from India

  2. Hello, look like a great weekend. San Diego is a beautiful city. I love the statue and the views of the beach. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week! Happy 4th of July!

  3. You managed to squeeze in a lot for a short weekend! It's good we're retired because we're so slow anymore we'd never see anything if short weekends were all we had. There's a copy of that Kiss statue in Sarasota Florida ... I never did see the one in SD! What a beautiful California day -- wonderful La Jolla beach.

  4. So much to see and enjoy but I'd need a lot longer than a weekend.

  5. I think San Diego is a very underrated place to visit. So much to see and do without the traffic of LA. And t he people seem to be friendlier.

  6. I love San Diego. The Bob Hope Walk is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. I love San Diego, but it's years since I've been there. Used to fly in every year when my parents and much-younger brother wintered there, and always made time to visit that beautiful city.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Tell me more about the arancini balls, they look interesting, what's in them? I also recognize the statue of the sailor and the nurse - that's a famous photo isn't it?

  9. Don't know if you remember, Maria, that we lived in San Diego for 7 years when our 2 kids were born. So many memories. Also, did you know that La Jolla has (or at least did, when we lived nearby) the same temperature all year 'round! I remember going there on Christmas day one year and wading in the water!

  10. My hometown! You packed a lot of the best sights in your short time in San Diego. I love the WWII sculptures. Come back sometime and head to Coronado. That's my favorite place in all of San Diego. Your photos are lovely!

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  12. I miss looking at your very crisp photos, which i don't know yet how to do! My thesis laboratory mate is now living there. It really looks wonderful from your eyes. But the beach is so full of people and lots of seaweeds on the shore. Best regards Maria.


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