SKYWATCHING: 1st Half of 2018

We are now in July, really. This year seems to be in a hurry, isn't it? I've been quite lucky so far with 2 trips already (not including the weekend in San Diego) despite the super busy schedule at work and at home. I cannot feel anything but blessed right now.

I want to share some of the skywatching I have done in the first half of 2018. Happy skywatching, y'all!

2018 01 13_canonpws_0638
Drizzly sky in Kilkenny Castle (Ireland).

2018 01 15_canonpws_0519
Cloudy and gusty in Cliffs of Moher (Ireland).

2018 01 16_canoneos_0839
Rain on and off, with a little snow flurries in Galway (Ireland).

2018 01 17_canoneos_0808
Snow on the ground while driving in Ireland.

2018 01 18_canoneos_0739
One nice weather during Ireland trip was in Dublin.

2018 01 18_canonpws_0142
Blue skies in Dublin.

2018 03 04_canoneos_2900
February in Napa was all blue skies.

2018 03 04_canoneos_2918
In neighboring Sonoma, it's all blue skies too.

2018 04 29_canoneos_2668
Cold and incredibly foggy in the Big Island (Hawaii)

2018 04 30_canonpws_1674
Gloomy in Big Island in late April.

2018 05 01_canoneos_2438
Attempted a sunset watching activity in Big Island.

2018 05 03_canonpws_1439
Cloudy in Maui.

2018 05 03_canonpws_1473
Beautiful in Maui.

2018 05 04_canoneos_1896
Just Maui.

Sunset in Long Beach.

Twilight in Long Beach

Blue skies in San Juan Capistrano

Blue skies for the Golden State Warriors parade in Oakland, June 2018.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Your memories of Ireland brought back memories to me, too, as I visited the same locations of trips there.

  2. You really have had a great travel year! Love the locations you visit, and great photos. The photo of the Cliffs of Moher is one of my favorites!

  3. Thanks for sharing these amazing skies! You seem to have travelled far and wide to get them

  4. Hello, Lovely series of photos. I love the Ireland photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  5. Great collection ... you’ve seen some beautiful skies in wonderful places in half a year!

  6. I have to say I am very partial to those moody photos of the cliffs. There is a dramatic feel to them.

  7. You got some very fine skywatching shots from all over the place.

  8. lovely country worth a visit. :)


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