Weekend in San Diego: Side Trip To Mission San Juan Capistrano

On the drive to Long Beach from San Diego, we saw an exit sign for San Juan Capistrano, one of the 21 missions in California. Wanting to add to my list of visited missions, we quickly took the exit to the town of San Juan Capistrano.

Not difficult to find, but we missed a turn and ended up in the church instead of the mission, and so we paid a visit to the church and said a little prayer first.

2018 05 28_canonpws_3054

2018 05 28_canonpws_3052

2018 05 28_canonpws_3051

2018 05 28_canonpws_3055

2018 05 28_canonpws_3057

This has got to be one of the most impressive mission I have seen so far (my 12th) in terms of how marvelous the garden is and how many artifacts to see including the ruins of the old church. I can easily see myself spending a full day here, but given the time restrictions we were facing, we did our best in exploring the compound.



2018 05 28_canonpws_3114

2018 05 28_canonpws_3118

2018 05 28_canonpws_3111

2018 05 28_canonpws_3119

2018 05 28_canonpws_3082

2018 05 28_canonpws_3086

2018 05 28_canonpws_3108

2018 05 28_canonpws_3110

2018 05 28_canonpws_3085






2018 05 28_canonpws_3075

And of course, we had to photograph the swallows' nest. Husband is not impressed. He said the swallows built nests in our eaves and they return each year too. True story!

2018 05 28_canonpws_3078

2018 05 28_canonpws_3079

After the visit to San Juan Capistrano we drove straight to Long Beach and sought our motel for the night. Afterwards we drove around the area looking for a good sports bar to watch the game, but we didn't find any (we did no research) and were too tired to do anything so we got take-out and watched the game in the hotel. We flew out of Long Beach very early and was in San Francisco by 8 am.

It has been a wonderful short trip to San Diego and vicinity.



  1. lol you're like me, whenever I see something if interest I always ask the other half to pull over.

  2. Love those golden arches. Stunning shots!

  3. It looks great - I love visiting those missions and try to see them if I'm in the area. I haven't yet seen this one.

  4. I've only been to a couple of Missions but I love the architecture! This one seems to be proudly wearing its age -- I think it makes more charming. :)

    Lovely pictures, M. :)

  5. I wanted to visit this mission last time I was in California, but I didn't have time. It was nice getting to see it through your eyes. Maybe next time I'm in California I will have the opportunity to explore there.

  6. Beautiful series of photos of the lovely mission!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Beautiful mission. It does look much like the San Diego Mission, not surprisingly. I love imagining the building of the missions and the history. I would love to see the swallows returning to the mission in San Juan Capistrano sometime!


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