Road Trip to Yellowstone: Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park)

I am really inspired to keep on sharing the drive by shots I took on this road trip. We arrived in Jackson late pm and with the limited time we have on this trip, we decided to check in at the hotel without going into the room and freshening up because we were trying to catch as much light as we can on this first day.

2018 10 04_canoneos_4213

2018 10 04_canoneos_4217

2018 10 04_canoneos_4228

2018 10 04_canoneos_4230

2018 10 04_canoneos_4231

2018 10 04_canoneos_4244

2018 10 04_canoneos_4251

2018 10 04_canoneos_4233

2018 10 04_canoneos_4234

I waited in the car while the husband checked us in the hotel. We hurriedly went to Grand Teton National Park, and made the visitor center the first stop.

2018 10 04_canoneos_4247

2018 10 04_canoneos_4255

2018 10 04_canoneos_4257

2018 10 04_canoneos_4260


Heavy rain came down while we were in the visitor center; we were afraid it would not let up and we would not see anything else on this day. But the clouds parted temporarily and were able to do a short drive around the park. Then there's a bunch of cars parked by the side of the road. You know something's happening and so we stopped and inquired.


2018 10 04_canoneos_4266
A safe distance away is a bear munching on huckleberries. How lucky we were to spot a bear on the first hour we were in the park.

2018 10 04_canoneos_4270
Jenny Lake (next post) is open and sounds really interesting, so we decided to drive there. Along the way, we spotted wildlife - an elk?

2018 10 04_canoneos_4274
Isn't it handsome?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful trip!
    Great shots!

  2. Hello, the fall colors and trees are beautiful. I love the views. The bear and pronghorn are great sightings. Wonderful post and photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  3. So cool you spotted that bear after just arriving!!! The natural beauty of this area is amazing.

  4. What fun you are having. Seeing great wildlife is a plus. I'd say Antelope.

  5. That's some pretty awesome scenery, reminds me of much of Queenstown.

  6. Ah! Look at all that fall colour. Beautiful. Can't wait to see what you got to see. I'm off to the next post. :)


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