Roadtrip to Yellowstone: Wyoming (Jenny Lake - Grand Teton)

It looked like we can at least take a peek at Jenny Lake on this visit despite the drizzle (sometimes getting heavy) and the overcast and not to mention that it was very late in the day, nearly twilight. We walked a bit and took photos. There were quite a few people visiting at the same time and I suppose weather is not a hindrance when you traveled all this way.

Here are photos of and around Jenny Lake.

2018 10 04_pentax_4515

2018 10 04_pentax_4517

2018 10 04_pentax_4528




2018 10 04_pentax_4525

2018 10 04_canoneos_4281

2018 10 04_canoneos_4287

2018 10 04_pentax_4522

2018 10 04_pentax_4529


2018 10 04_pentax_4519



  1. Lovely scenes from Jenny lake. The trees are gorgeous. It is one of my favorite parks, great photos.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  2. I visited Jenny Lake about 10 years ago on a road trip from Yellowstone NP down to The Grand Teton NP. I love the foggy misty photos you took there. Were you able to hike up to Inspiration Point? I've always wanted to return to Yellowstone in winter---hopefully someday I'll see it in that season!

  3. Amazing place, Just loved the post.
    Thanks for all pics.

  4. Beautiful. The Yellowstone area is my favorite place of any I've visited.

  5. Beautiful shots. The rain accentuates things sometimes.

  6. We've been to the Yellowstone-Grand Teton area several times over the years, but Jenny Lake holds special memories from our first visit (over half-a-century ago, yikes!)..... Bill took our two older kids hiking from our camp spot up to Jenny Lake to fish while I stayed in the camper with the two younger ones -- baby and toddler. I was very worried that he and the 'big kids" would encounter a bear and told him a hundred times to be careful. So when the babies woke up after their nap I decided to take them for a wee walk around the campground and what should we encounter but a bear at the campground dumpster! It followed us all the way back to our camper (while I was basically carrying both little ones and trying not to die of a heart attack and trying to remember what we were supposed to do to scare the bear off.) We all survived obviously and the fishermen up at the lake didn't see a single bear. LOL -- thanks for the fun memories!! And your pictures are beautiful.

  7. How beautiful! This was in the last week of Oct?

  8. Such wonderfully atmospheric shots of a beautiful place! Would love to visit there one day.
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.


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