Roadtrip to Yellowstone: National Elk Refuge

We stayed the first night at Elk Refuge Inn on Highway 89 - between Jackson Hole and Grand Teton NP. In the morning when we woke up, I went outside to look at the view. It's a beautiful setting here. It seems like everywhere you look, there's something photo worthy. Little surprise that every one else who were awake at that morning was outside with a phone or a camera clicking away. This is going to be a photographic post, and all taken from either the parking lot of the inn, by roadside.

2018 10 05_pentax_4295

2018 10 05_pentax_4298

2018 10 05_pentax_4302

2018 10 05_pentax_4300

We checked out and got back to town to get gas and breakfast to go.

2018 10 05_pentax_4304

2018 10 05_pentax_4307

2018 10 05_pentax_4314

On the way to Grand Teton, we stopped at the elk refuge to take more photos.

2018 10 05_pentax_4318

2018 10 05_pentax_4315

2018 10 05_canoneos_3833

2018 10 05_canoneos_3836

2018 10 05_canoneos_3841

2018 10 05_pentax_4320

2018 10 05_pentax_4321

2018 10 05_pentax_4323

As culturally enriching as a walk on cobbled streets in Europe, a moment with nature is spiritually cleansing and satisfying, not to mention invigorating. It is this reason why we try to mix a lot of nature trips in between culture trips. This is one destination I definitely would go back again.



  1. Great time of year to visit this area! The blues and golds are stunning. Fabulous roadtrip!

  2. I love the buildings there in that one photo, some lovely colours going on too.

  3. Great photos of a beautiful place.

  4. So beautiful! When we were there to view the eclipse there were so many fires in the west that the skies were always hazy.

  5. Such stunning images. Looks like you were there at a great time.

  6. Beautiful shot . Keep commenting on my blog because I love your comments.

  7. Hi! Your photos are very beautiful. I visited Yellowstone national park and Grand Teton national park this year. It was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello, lovely photos from Wyoming. The Elk Refuge has a very nice visitor center. The views and sky are beautiful. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  9. Stunning photos of a beautiful place. The skies are pretty awesome to see too.

  10. Truly beautiful pics, Great post.
    Best wishes.

  11. Very fine photographs of the fabulous trip!

  12. Thank you for the tour and the pics. I love road trips. Happy travels and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.


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