Roadtrip to Yellowstone: A Night In Town (Jackson Hole)

As the light continued to fade, we left Jenny Lake for a little time in town. On the way, we found a good spot to photograph the rainbow, only because we saw others stopping on the road for a shot of the rainbow. So we followed suit.

2018 10 04_pentax_4512

2018 10 04_pentax_4513

On the way out of Grand Teton NP, I urged the husband to take a little detour to check out the little chapel called The Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration. We took photos from the car because it was raining.

2018 10 04_pentax_4534

2018 10 04_pentax_4530

2018 10 04_pentax_4532

Once we arrived in town, rain was pouring hard. Thankfully, we easily found a street parking by the town square. In the middle of the square is a park called George Washington Memorial Park. It is notable for arches made of elk antlers at each corner. Only one of the arches lit up at night when we were there.

The first order of business was to find a local cafe for warm beverage, and despite this almost 6 pm we just had to have coffee (decaf). I was just getting comfy in one of sofas when one of baristas came over to say they would be closing in 5 minutes. It seemed like stores close early on a Thursday in October here. Anyway, the rain was whittled down to a drizzle by this time and it was okay to go out and explore the stores around the square.

With the help of our friend Google, we found out that there is a brewery here. From the town square, it was a few blocks away. We walked to the brewery only to be dismayed that the line waiting for tables is long. Not wanting to spend our few hours waiting in line, we walked back to the town square and continued to browse at the few stores that are still open.

2018 10 04_pentax_4536

2018 10 04_pentax_4541


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2018 10 04_pentax_4539




The time for dinner reservation came and we drove to Gun Barrel Steak and Game House. When the husband checked into the hotel earlier he mentioned to the clerk that we are looking at eating at Gun Barrel tonight. He was informed that the place is so popular, you have to have reservations. So she made one for us, thank God. It really was good that the husband was able to blab to the clerk that we were planning on eating at Gun Barrel because when we got there we saw how packed the place is - and it's a big place - and number of people waiting is enough to make me run away. But with reservations, we only waited about 10 minutes before we were seated.

Online we found that they have game meat as their specialty. Our game plan was to order a dinner salad and the mixed game grill and God help us to finish the whole thing.

A combination of elk steak, buffalo prime rib, and a venison bratwurst is what comprised the mixed game grill. It looks pretty small in photo.

We split the grill plate and look how big the meal was for each of us.

The dinner salad portion of Caesar salad was humongous.

My hot toddy (hot springs on the cocktail menu) was delicious, hubs had beer.

One of the best meals we've had. I did not check the menu closely to see if vegetarians would have enough choices here.

After dinner, it was time to go back to the hotel and rest up for another day.

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  1. You know I would take a rainy cold day at Grand Tetons and Jackson than a sunny day almost anywhere else.
    My uncle owned a drug store right on the square called Jackson drug. He had it for years until he passed away in the 70’s and it became a rug store. When I was there back in August somebody had converted it to a restaurant with the name Jackson Drug so I was pretty happy. He has his name on a monument in the center of the square dedicated to WWII vets.
    I have lots of happy memories of Jackson. As you found out, it is overrun nowadays even in the so called off season.
    Take care, I love your post.

  2. Hello, the rainbow is beautiful. I remember seeing the Elk Antler Arch, it is cool. Your food and drink look and sound delicious. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day! Have a great weekend!

  3. Rainbows are such a gift. Great atmospheric photos and boy I want your food too

  4. OMG...that meal looked delicious and well worth a 10-min. wait!

  5. I love this part of the country. Wish I knew about this restaurant when we were there last year, food looks wonderful.

  6. Beautiful rainbow photos and lovely shots of a fun city ~ Delish meal too!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. What a beautiful rainbow! What a beautiful place!

  8. Beautiful pics of Jackson. I work in Yellowstone in the summer and have been home for about a month. Your photos have made me homesick for that part of the country. There's nothing better than Jackson in the off season!

  9. So beautiful pics, Amazing rainbow.

  10. Wow - those first shots are stunning.

  11. Beautiful ambiance captured and the food looks delicious too!

  12. nice place and food looks tasty

  13. We were there last September and enjoyed the area immensely. It is just beautiful countryside.
    I'm going to look at your other posts now!

  14. This is just making me so happy. When I visited this past June, I told my husband that Jackson would look beautiful in the fall, and it does even on a rainy day.

    Angie @ Baer Ascent

  15. Great mix of photos. And the food looks delicious.

  16. Beautiful, rain and all. That chapel would be amazing in the snow.

  17. The Elk Arch is so interesting and unique. Nice to learn about their shedding. :) Thank you.

  18. Google is such a good friend! hehe S/he lets us explore places off the beaten track. Love the Elk antlers arches, it depicts the ambiance of the town so well. Now elk steak that is an interesting dish.


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