Road Trip to Yellowstone: Day 3

On day 3, we awoke to a dusting of snow at historic Pahaska Tepee Lodge. I remember having a rough night trying to get some sleep, even after an exhausting long day 2. It must have been the cramped space at the tepee, or maybe something else. Anyway, the snow flurries continued to fall on the way to breakfast at the lodge's restaurant.

2010 01 01_pentax_4601

After a very quick breakfast, we loaded up the car and headed to Mammoth Hot Springs - which is a very long drive and became longer because of some heavy snowfall in the park and a slow-moving large truck that did not give way. At some point I was anxious that the coupe rental that we were driving would not be able to tackle the Alpine region due to the heavy snow fall, but we managed to get away from that area unscathed.

On the way, we stopped at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone for a little photo op. The snowfall did not abate; thus our time here was limited to how long we can take the cold and the snow.

2010 01 01_pentax_4681

We finally made it to Mammoth Hot Springs and because our time is very limited (we needed to drive back to Salt Lake City today too), we could not explore the area. There are boardwalks, upper and lower, and we only stayed in the lower boardwalk due to lack of time. It's such a pity to try to see everything when one knows you cannot; especially not in a park this size. However, we did what we could. And this place is breathtaking. The setting and the terraces are simply incredible.

2010 01 01_pentax_4710

2010 01 01_pentax_4724

2010 01 01_pentax_4717

2018 10 06_canoneos_3799

2010 01 01_pentax_4602

2018 10 06_canoneos_3806

2018 10 06_canoneos_3790

2018 10 06_canoneos_3788

2010 01 01_pentax_4646

2010 01 01_pentax_4598

2018 10 06_canoneos_3805

2018 10 06_canoneos_3797

On the way out of the park, we had bonus wildlife sighting.

2018 10 06_canoneos_3760

2018 10 06_canoneos_3816

2018 10 06_canoneos_3819

That's all she wrote. I finally finished the Yellowstone roadtrip posts. We had a long drive and arrived in Salt Lake City past 6 pm and went to Temple Square for a little look-see, then a take out dinner at the hotel.

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  1. Yellowstone is such a beautiful place - lovely photos!

  2. That's a beautiful, foggy shot of the falls. Cool bonus wildlife sightings!!

  3. I visited my sister, who is a seasonal ranger at the park lasts summer and really enjoyed my visit. Mammoth Hot Springs is quite a drive from the rest of the park, as you say. Going to Salt Lake City from there is quite the daunting drive.
    I loved Yellowstone.

  4. Wow - your photos are stunning!

  5. What a landscapes, absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful photos.

  6. Nice and famous place,wish I could be there

  7. Gorgeous photos of awesome Yellowstone Park!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. I've seen many shots of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon [even did some myself], but yours is unique...kudos..

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  10. Beautiful in Winter and how fun to get to visit when most people do not ever see these wonders,


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