Day 3: Road to Hana, part 3

There was sensory overload on this Road to Hana trip. I cannot wrap my head around all the beauty up to now. The trip feels like one whole scene without any pauses as it plays on my brain.

A few more photos from my album.


2018 05 04_canoneos_1900

2018 05 04_canoneos_1901

2018 05 04_canoneos_1844

2018 05 04_canoneos_1905

We stopped at a food truck spot for lunch.

2018 05 04_canoneos_2032


2018 05 04_canoneos_1875

2018 05 04_canoneos_1877

We made a quick stop at a Waiʻanapanapa State Park to stretch our legs. This was the spot we thought perfect to throw our leis in the ocean. We heard, and please feel free to enlighten this writer, that it is tradition to throw your lei in the ocean to ensure your return to the islands. Much like throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

2018 05 04_canoneos_2027

2018 05 04_canoneos_2005

2018 05 04_canoneos_1996

2018 05 05_canonpws_1181

2018 05 04_canoneos_2008
There go our leis.

Off the parking lot, there is a cemetery, but it's private. So I just took photos from outside.

2018 05 04_canoneos_2019

2018 05 04_canoneos_2021

When we reached the red sand beach or Kaihalulu Beach, we turned around. It's still going to be a long way home.

2018 05 05_canonpws_1202

2018 05 05_canonpws_1229

2018 05 05_canonpws_1215

2018 05 05_canonpws_1212

2018 05 04_canoneos_2094

2018 05 04_canoneos_2073

2018 05 04_canoneos_2090

Pit stop here and hoping for some food, but one out of 2 ain't bad.

2018 05 04_canoneos_2028

2018 05 04_canoneos_2029

If lucky to do this again, I will stretch this road trip to at least 2 days minimum. We did not get to swim (I can't) in the ocean, or enjoy the waterfalls or do some trekking. Lucky are those that had the foresight to do this over the course of a few days.



  1. I like the colourful cafe, I wonder what type of smoothies they make?

  2. Incredibly beautiful for sure! That red sand is so interesting.

  3. The seascapes are fabulous. Looks like you had a great trip.

  4. pictures on the road to Hana, I've been down the road several times.

  5. This looks really amazing - I would love to go back to Hawaii.

  6. Amazing photos. Loved the post.

  7. Love all...but, the ocean views are spectacular.

  8. What a beautiful post of marvelous photos!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)


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