Egypt: Giza Plateau (Day 2)

After an early breakfast, we visited the Pyramids of Giza and later in the morning the Sphinx of Giza. Bright and early is the best time of the day to be there when the place is less packed and the weather more pleasant. I cannot remember if we paid for the entrance to the Giza Plateau individually or if it was part of the whole trip. Nevertheless, entrance was a little under $10 US.

Once we were inside, we were dropped off in front of one of the pyramids. Here, we can explore, go inside the pyramid, or visit a museum. Basically for about an hour or so we were left on our own devices. Short time as it is, we formed a six-some with two other couples. All the husbands wanted see what's inside the pyramid of Khufu, while the wives just wanted to take pictures with the pyramid outside. As it happened the wives were a bit claustrophobic. The guide told us there's a tiny pyramid off to the side that can be entered as well. It might be the right size for us, the tour guide said. As it turned out, only my husband saw the whole path to the interiors of the pyramid, while the other two husbands turned back midway. It was tight and hot and dark. I'm just proud my husband pushed through.

On the small pyramid at the back, I pretty much backed out at the get go because I know I would not survive such tight space. The other two wives that went inside, only one got to the interiors. The other one turned back because it was way too tight for comfort.

Be warned, there's a lot of people trying to sell you stuff from souvenirs to carriage rides. One has to be able to be firm in saying NO.

Anyway, the Pyramids of Giza were built during the 3rd and 4th dynasties of the Old Kingdom. Three Great Pyramids for the Pharaoh Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. Smaller pyramids for the wives and other family members. These pyramids are unbelievable testimony to the incredible skill and the tenacity of the builders. Just mind-boggling. Even if this was not my first time here, still gives me the chills to see them in person.


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2018 11 27_egyptpentax_5946

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There is a light show in the evening at the Sphinx.

2018 11 27_egyptpentax_5963
The city from the Giza Plateau.



  1. Wow, I have read so much about the pyramids but this is the first blog post I have read about it. Somehow you make more real.

  2. I'll probably never see them for real so I came to see them here and enjoyed it!

  3. Stunning. So magnificent and mysterious to me.
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. Beautifully captured in pictures and words.

  5. Hi! Your photos are very beautiful. You go around all over the world. Very fantastic!

  6. Beautiful images! I loved reading about your experience! Were you shocked at how small the sphinx was in comparison to the other pyramids?

  7. Awesome - this is on my bucket list. I always think of James Bond when I see that outdoor theater.

  8. How amazing!!! The views and the panoramas are stunning!

  9. Wow! How awesome to see these pyramids up close. We've seen photos of these all our lives, and you were actually there! I would have to explore inside, though I may not have made it all the way as your brave husband did!


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