NV/AZ/UT Roadtrip: Bryce Canyon National Park

It was late afternoon when we finally reached Bryce Canyon NP. The late May Utah weather had turned chilly (43F) and breezy, but we were keen on seeing as much as we could. I regretted not bringing a heavier coat. It was understood that all we could do and all we allotted to do here in the park was to sightsee, but just in case we had time I researched for short hikes under 2 miles. 

Unfortunately there simply was no time. I found out that there is a one main road 36 miles round trip that hits 13 viewpoints and can be explored in 3 hours. At least I allotted 3 hours for sightseeing.

Since we arrived late, we decided to just cherry-pick the viewpoints to stop at. Out of the 13 viewpoints along this main road, we selected 7 viewpoints randomly: Agua Canyon, Natural Bridge, Black Birch Canyon, Rainbow Point, Yovimpa, Sunset, and Inspiration. 

If I had my way with words like the poets do I could have penned a masterpiece but I don’t and I am hoping my photos would somehow convey the magnificence of these incredible rock formations, especially the hoodoos. A hoodoo is defined as a natural column of rock in western North America often in fantastic form. And boy were they fantabulous! We saw trails going down to the canyon, but the view from the viewpoints is incredible and if sightseeing is all you want, the viewpoints feed the need. 

Some of the photos we took from the 7 viewpoints. One year later, I no longer am able to identify which photo goes with what viewpoint except for one, the one taken from Natural Bridge viewpoint for obvious reasons.
2019 05 26_canoneos_0811 IMG_20190526_174437 IMG_20190526_174428 2019 05 26_canoneos_0828 IMG_20190526_193507
Leaving Bryce as the sun was almost out, we stopped for a brief shopping at Ruby's Inn General Store, highly recommended by close friend who did the same road trip weeks before us and stayed at the inn for a night.
IMG_20190526_193602 IMG_20190526_182417
We grabbed some sandwiches on the way to our hotel for the night in Panguitch, Utah. Panguitch is about 23 miles from Bryce and its proximity and the price of the hotel made us choose to stay in this town. The hotel we stayed in was a budget motel and has no curve appeal at all, but inside it was nicer than the price. In fact I thought it was far better than Circus Circus Manor in LV where we spent our first night of the road trip.


  1. Fantastic photos! I really like the Hoo Doos.

  2. We did this years ago. I'd love to do it now with my better cameras and even my phone!

  3. OMG! Whutta place. How on earth are they formed? Unbelievable place!

  4. Wow, wow, wow!
    Your pictures do convey the magnificence of the place. :)

  5. Isn’t it a stunning Park? We’ve been there and camped in the park ...long time ago .... and loved it. I hope you get to go back someday and spend longer (if we ever get to travel comfortably again). I follow a blog by a woman who is now a Ranger at Bryce she used to be at Grand Canyon. Pretty nice “offices” she has!..... you pictures are just beautiful. You made the most of your short time!


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