NV/AZ/UT Roadtrip: On The Way To Bryce NP

According to my research there are 90 miles separating Zion and Bryce, so we had another hour and half of driving before reaching the next destination which is Bryce NP. I know that we had been very ambitious and trying to cover as much ground as we could and see as much sights as possible on this first official day of the road trip. In all honesty, I have been very content already just watching all the varied passing scenery from the comforts of the passenger seat. If there is one complaint (nitpicking here) I have is that the rental car we have can only reach a few radio stations and all of them either play Christian music or country music. I love country music, but not the same songs over and over again. These songs are more country than I'm accustomed to, you know songs about whiskey and heartbreaks, lol!

2019 05 26_canoneos_0741

2019 05 26_canoneos_0747

At the Mt. Carmel junction we stopped to stretch our legs and see about what's selling at White Mountain Trading Post. They do have a lot of stuff including varieties of game jerky.

We passed by Dixie National Forest.

2019 05 26_canoneos_0754




We could not help but pull over for some photography.





2019 05 26_canoneos_0758

2019 05 26_canoneos_0759

2019 05 26_canoneos_0761

2019 05 27_pentax_9447





I'm having fun writing this series because the photos take me back to these natural gems. Once this current situation is over and travel will be allowed to resume I will definitely find a way to return and spend more time in one or two national parks instead of trying to fit as much as I could in a week's time.


  1. the mountain formations are amazing and I love the beautiful blue sky

  2. Hello,

    Beautiful landscapes and trip photos. I love Bryce and Zion, I wish I could visit again.

    Take care, enjoy your day. Wishing you a happy week!

  3. I love the red rock, trees, cliffs, mountains, and the big sky.

  4. The rock formations are so unusual I would have to take hundreds of photos.

  5. Wonderful pics, Great post.
    Stay well. Greetings.


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