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Morocco: A Day of Sightseeing

The day after the Sahara adventure we were traveling again. We were moving on to the next destination. What I really like about this tour is that each long drives we have taken so far were all scenic in nature. Thus, it was not a boring, down time kind of day.

Ouarzazate is the final destination of the day. Before arriving there, however, we would be doing some sightseeing along the Dades Valley.

Wild camels.

The first stop however is at this place where the locals made a water reclamation site underground. However, once the bus stopped we found a stray dog that welcomed food and water and treats and lots of attention. To be honest, many of us did not even bother to look at the holes. I didn't. I took a few photos and devoted all the remaining time to be with the dog. Even our tour manager was catering to the dog's needs. We saw many stray dogs in the country side.

I found the passing scenery engaging. The long bus ride did not bore me at all. My backside was sore al…

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