Leaves, Trees, Vines and Wind. Napa in October

Been planning on a day out with new friends, another couple, for a few months now. It's tricky to make plans with another couple especially when you barely know them and you want to find an activity that both couples would enjoy. Since both of them are relatively new to the Bay Area we thought a drive out to the countryside would be best. The countryside in this case is Napa Valley. As I've learned from this trip, I think we found the best couple to take photo walks with. Both of them, especially the husband, is a voracious shooter. I am so happy to learn that. Our other couple friends tolerate our "need to photograph" this tree or that spot, but this couple I found out would be the first to jump out of the car and photograph the exact same thing/object.

And now for the things we saw and photographed:

Was not interested in seeing the third world's largest pumpkin.

2013_10_27 015
Trees and vineyards.

2013_10_27 013
Tree-lined country road, love it.

New photo buddies.

2013_10_27 0932013_10_27 0942013_10_27 095
Too early for peak autumn colors.

The play of shadow on the fallen leaves is pretty appealing.

We stopped in Yountville for a look-see at the Marketplace area.

2013_10_27 0482013_10_27 0522013_10_27 054

2013_10_27 037

2013_10_27 039

2013_10_27 077

And back to vineyards we went:

2013_10_27 154

2013_10_27 164

2013_10_27 153

2013_10_27 140

We tried the dried grapes on the vine and they tasted exactly like the raisins you get from the supermarket.

It was a windy day.

If you want to see the rest of the photos from this trip, click here.




  1. YAY for photo buddies who totally understand! Good for you. And YAY for grapes, too! :) I wish you many more trips together.

  2. So beautiful, and I want to go to Napa!

  3. What a wonderful outing with your friends. The trees and vineyards look pretty. Great collection of images!

  4. such beautiful photos… that gorgeous california light!

  5. Looks like a wonderful day. I never heard of dried grapes on the vine!

  6. Very beautiful post! Pink scooter!? I like it :)

  7. What a fun and lovely trip and such lovely photos. Vineyards are always wonderful to photograph. Love the shots of the leaves and the shrinking grapes.

  8. What a fun and lovely trip and such lovely photos. Vineyards are always wonderful to photograph. Love the shots of the leaves and the shrinking grapes.

  9. It's been 6 years since I've been to the Napa Valley in the fall. At the time, I told my husband that we need to come back every year, at least every other year. Now that we live about an hour closer, we shouldn't have any excuses, but somehow, we find them.

  10. I love this array of shots. Great to have friends that share your love of photography along the way. I always feel like I'm slowing everyone down with my photo taking since I'm usually the only one with a camera.

  11. Excellent captures all!!!
    Glad you found photo soul mates!!

  12. Interesting photos of the grapes especially the dried ones still on the branch.

  13. Finding friends who share your interest are wonderful blessings. And travel buddies that share your interest in photography and perhaps food are the best! Wonderful collection of shots. Will be there with my family for christmas break and Napa is definitely in our agenda. :)

  14. Wonderful shots. I would love to drive on that road.

  15. A fine and varied series. It was good to find a couple who shared your interest in taking time to get good shots.

  16. And the grape became a raisin :) I love it too - the tree-lined country road. It appeals to the country girl in me.


  17. A very nice series of photos. Where I live, voracious shooters aren't using cameras :)

  18. Love that area of CA..brings back nice memories. Sounds like you found some compatible new friends!

  19. What a lovely series. It's so nice when a person/couple can find friends who enjoy the same activities.


  20. These are great shots, an interesting place to visit!

  21. I like those rows of autumn trees …. so soothing. Oh and that pumpkin roadside sale (?) looks so idyllic. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I've been away for quite a while from my blog. :)

  22. Great shots, now I'm missing fall season here

  23. That wind is incredible! A great capture of the fall season! Have a good week!

  24. great photos...i'd pass on the pumpkin too lol

  25. Beautiful pics! I kinda am curious now about the pumpkin lol!

  26. I'd like to know how they determined that that pumpkin was the 3rd largest in the world?!

  27. Wow! What a great post!
    Vineyards are always so beautiful!

    Happy New Year!
    Feliz Ano Novo! (in Portuguese)


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