A Day in the City

The day we went to the city to see the whimsical animal sculptures was blessed with bright sunshine, blue skies and pleasantly mild weather.

2015 05 02_canonpws_1797
And moderate traffic.

2015 05 02_canonpws_1800
Blue skies overhead, mid 60s F in the city hall.

2014 05 02_pentax_1749
Afterwards, we drove around the city. Hit a few jams in the city streets, but managed to find our way to the Golden Gate Park, where we spotted this heron(?). Drive by shot.

As we were rounding the curve we noted something hanging from the bird's beak, we went closer to investigate.

2014 05 02_pentax_1750
A gopher?

2014 05 02_pentax_1753
A mole?

2014 05 02_pentax_1755
Whatever it is, it's not going anywhere.

2014 05 02_pentax_1756
I am not aware that these birds eat small animals. Do they? Does anyone know?

Shaking our head at what we just witnessed and photographed, we moved on and found our way to Queen Wilhelmina Garden. As expected we were too late for the tulips. The poppies were on display.

2015 05 02_canonpws_1890

2014 05 02_pentax_1761

2014 05 02_pentax_1764

2015 05 02_canonpws_1896

2014 05 02_pentax_1765

Other flowers on display:

2014 05 02_pentax_1791

2014 05 02_pentax_1789

2014 05 02_pentax_1786

2014 05 02_pentax_1788

2014 05 02_pentax_1773

Spring is so beautiful, isn't it?

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  1. I really like the colours of the Iceland poppies.

  2. Hello, yes the herons do eat small critters.. I love the gorgeous flowers.. The poppies are my favorite. Lovely images and post. Enjoy your weekend ahead!

  3. The flower shots are amazing.

    Oh my, poor creature!

  4. I do love all of your captures!! So colorful and beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty!! Have a lovely weekend!!

  5. Wow - amazing shots of the heron. And such gorgeous flower photos too!

  6. Never knew herons ate small critters like this! Cool shots.

  7. Great photos, love to go there. Herrons eat frogs, fish and small mamals though a gopher is pushing it

  8. Wonderful images of the city, of the heron and of the joyful flowers!

  9. Great blue herons will eat small critters ... Great series of photos. And the poppies and sky shots are just beautiful.


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