I Went to Disneyworld! (part1)

You can't go to Orlando and visit Universal Studios without also visiting Disneyworld. You just can't. Especially if you traveled all the way across this great country like we did. Since we did not know when and if we will ever go back to Orlando, we went on and bought a one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom. In Disneyworld, there's a few different parks that comprise the "Disneyworld" and each park requires separate ticket. Since we only alloted one day for this park, we thought we'd go with traditional Disney and do Magic Kingdom. Other parks include Epcot, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios and the water parks.

Disney is closer to our base than Universal Studios so we thought we'd be able to cover most of Magic Kingdom in a day.

2016 08 11_pentax_9929
Excited like a kid.

2016 08 11_pentax_9925
Disney attractions.

2016 08 11_pentax_9926
Looks like a scary ride.

2016 08 11_pentax_9937
Parking lot is divided into 2 sections. Remember what section you parked so that you won't get lost when the shuttle brings you back to the parking lot at night.

2016 08 11_pentax_9935
Oh Minnie!

2016 08 11_pentax_9934
From this entrance, you can go directly to Magic Kingdom via the ferry boat, which we took.

2016 08 11_pentax_9946
Or by way of this, your choice.

The short boat ride was the perfect spot for a little sightseeing.

2016 08 11_pentax_9941

2016 08 11_pentax_9942

2016 08 11_pentax_9944

2016 08 11_pentax_9945

2016 08 11_pentax_9950

2016 08 11_pentax_9951
And there she is, Magic Kingdom.

......to be continued....



  1. Great shots. Truly fun space.

  2. What a lovely idea to float in a boat to the Magic Kingdom. Sounds like the beginnings of a fairy tale!

  3. More fun for you and fantastic photos for us ~ thanks,

    Wishing you peace in your week ~ ^_^

  4. I remember that ferryboat from when the kids were younger - great memories!

  5. Have not been there. Thank you for the lovely virtual visit!

  6. Agree that at least one day should be allocated to Magic Kingdom. I have been to that park, Epcot and Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom was my favorite. #OurWorldTuesday

  7. You did a good job of doing the best choice you could make. A fine series of pictures.

  8. I have been there in 1992 ! It certainly has changed a bit every since. We went there in July and the heat was terrible !

  9. We're going to Universal this year. Those parks are fun filled, exhausting days.

  10. Fun place to visit! I would appreciate you linking back to my meme :-)
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme, I look forward to seeing more of your entries in the weeks ahead.


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