I Thank Thee For...

the dessert/s..life's much too short, eat dessert first. thanksgiving 2005, my take on pecan pie with a twist by using walnut(pie) and using splenda instead of regular sugar. really good not nauseatingly sweet.
the family who loves to eat...i know there's much to many males in the family.
and of course for the bird and the man who cooks it. Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. hi cache.... what a lovely family and the turkey looks scrumptious.... Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...

    i am enjoying your blog... very nice... :)

  2. wow! why there is no thanksgiving day in the philippines??? maybe because we dont turkey here? hmm.. hehe joke..

    when i saw the pie, i feel like i am hungry, it looks yummy and tasty.

    happy thanksgiving to you and to your family :)

  3. belated happy thanksgiving ate cora! :) :)

    your family looks so happy! regatrds to rose and to kuya treu.

  4. Carol...thanks for the visit.
    Iskoo...siguro fiesta ang version natin ng thanksgiving.
    Maan...thanks, mayroon din ba nito sa merry old england?


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