Do you remember your college years? I still do. How cool is it to find these two shots of me and my friends taking our very last Final exam. Thanks to our professor, Dr. Pilien, who gamely allowed Sheila (why she's not in the shots) to take these two photos. Of course Sheila was exempted, Magna kasi eh. Fortunately for us, she was game to be the photographer. It is my rule not to put my own photo here, but as you can see not even Treu can tell which one am I here, so this one's an exemption.

Ladies in the back you are caught on camera discussing y0ur answers. Or are you just talking about where we will go after the exams for a big celebration? In your place, I say the latter is the case here. Aaahh, memories.


  1. Wow, tripping down memory lane is always nice. Can't even guess which one is you, though.

  2. ahhh, napaisip tuloy ako nung college days ko, puro kopyahan kamisa exams, hehe

  3. lizza: indeed nice once in a while to venture towards memory lane. got the idea from one of your older posts.

    iskoo: caught in the act ano?

  4. Wooow! Pilipino pala po kayo Photo Cache :) I'm Steven po from Cavite :)


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