Happy Trails to You


  1. wow too many trail you can choose, which on edid you take?

  2. wow, i love walking...but not too much...
    hi ate ewok! how are the christmas preps? how's kuya treu and rose?

  3. Neat place dahil ang daming trail na pwedeng puntahan. Onga, ano pinili mo dyan?

  4. tuolumne meadows - 44km trail, wow! meron kaya pumipili nun?

    pls say hi to treu, may bumibisita sa site ko treu name, di ako sure kung sya rin yun. nabasa ko lang sa comment ni maan sa itaas :)

  5. Let's do the 340 km trail ! ;-)
    And don't forget your batteries & camera!

  6. sis: in what cities are these trails found (somewhere in northern cal?)

  7. Iskoo....yung malapit lang po. we're there just for picture taking. maybe some day i'll take the longer trail. we even saw a brown bear on that short trail. wow.

    Maan....ako din cant walk that far.
    waiting for the ones i shopped online otherwise tapos na shopping ko. planning about what to serve with ham for christmas dinner. rose and treu are fine, i am sure.

    ferdz...kayo siguro kayang kaya niyo yang mga trail.

  8. cruise...un sigurong nag camping dito for a few days they take that or sa ibang starting point nila not on this side.

    sidney...set the time and i'll bring the trail mix.

    treu....first photo is of yosemite and the next one is from multnomah falls outside of portland, oregon.


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