Cold Snap

(Driving to the mountains, first week of January 2007) Thank heavens our cold snap is ending. Agricultural produce has suffered the most with these cold days and freezing nights. The California citrus industry is losing millions. According to reports, 2/3 of their produce is lost because of the frosty conditions.

In the mountains, only dusting of snow can be seen. They have found that the snow pack is 60% of normal. We need more snow in the Sierra because snow in the Sierra means water in the Bay Area in the summer time.

It was in the teens, temp-wise, on this day; but no snow.


  1. cache, i commented on my site before reading this.... glad to hear it will be warming up for you folks in California... and, i imagine it will cost us a few more dimes for oranges very soon...

    the photo is beautiful, the mountains can take your breath away.... when we drove across Canada we visited the glaciers (Columbian Ice Fields)... which were stupendous and the mountains in Jasper National Park & Banff National Park... they made me feel soooo small.... i couldn't get enough of them...

    an experience i will never forget... :)

  2. I long for the day to see snow capped mountains as these. Ang sarap siguro mag drive dyan sa highway na yan with that kind of view.

    Meron palang percentage ng snow na kailangan dyan? I didn't know such needs

  3. very nice view, kung ganyang lang ka minimal ang snow maganda na sa tanawin di pa masyadong nakakapinsala sa mga crops :)

  4. Wow, what a great photo, Photo. Good thing that the cold snap is over, bad that the right amount of snow isn't there.

  5. carol...oooh banff and jasper my dream places to visit. when is the best time to visit? we had dusting of snow today, can you believe that and they say we're warming up.

    ferdz...our water supply (drinking, bathing, etc) relies heavily on the snow that melts in the high sierra so we keep an eye on the snow pack.

    iskoo..little/no snow can be both good and bad...bad for the ski resorts. they too need the business.

    lizza...i was freezing at work, the thermostat is not working, at least that's how i felt. it is not too cold anymore. but we had dusting of snow today.


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