Day At The Museum

The Asian Art Museum recently hosted a month-long (or was it two?) exhibit called PIONEERS OF PHILIPPINE ART featuring paintings by Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, and Fernando Zobel. My memory of visiting the Ayala Museum (where these art are a loan from) is quite fuzzy; hence, I was pleasantly surprised by the top-notch quality of them. I particularly enjoyed the Amorsolo collection.
Because they are on loan, I could not sneak a photo of any of the collection. This streamer is the one that they have outside and inside the building to announce this collection. Here's just a sample of what the collection is about. Juan Luna did a lot of portraiture of mostly Spanish women of privilege (no doubt), Zobel was more abstract in his expression (which honestly was not my personal fave) and Amorsolo had painted a lot of slices of Phil. life and some landscapes. All in all, very rewarding day.


  1. It's great to see some exposure of Philippine Art in those regions.

  2. amen to that ferdz, kaya di ko na pinalampas eh.

  3. I ought to go to Ayala Museum soon!

    I wonder if the exhibition will also go to NYC? Was this well attended by the Pinoys there?

  4. senor...when i went there, i was the only pinoy...but the exhibit was well attended.


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