What A Difference A Year Makes

(Avalon Bay, Catalina Island)
January 17, 2006 was a good day. Actually the entire January of 2006 was a very good month. On this day, I was clicking to my heart's content. I must have taken around 100 photos. January 2007 has started with quite a few challenges. But I feel hopeful after I received an e-mail from my friend, Dr. Sheila, whose message says PUSH (pray until something happens). That will be my motto for this year.


  1. Life is full up and downs. Let's hope for more ups than downs! :-)

  2. lovely shades of blue! i also read that e-mail before and it was very inspiring indeed. may be PUSH through despite all the challenges ahead, saka more photos to come! :D

  3. nice nice nice shots :) Seems like a very beautiful place :)

  4. amen to that sidney and not just for own personal stuff, but i pray the same globally.

    eye....those fwd emails are all junk...that day was too clear, i needed a filter

    sayote...your shots are very good i like visiting your site, congratulations pala. yes, this is a nice place.

  5. eye... i mean not all fwd emails are junk, some are really inspirational like the PUSH


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