Caught Shooting #3

Yesterday, a rare visit of regal proportions was witnessed by the Bay Area denizens. People crowd the shoreline of Crissy Field and shorelines of the East Bay to view the Queen Mary 2 sail under the Golden Gate Bridge. QM2 docked for the first time in San Francisco and its visit was highly touted on both newspapers and television. I was too cheap to pay for the $4 toll to the city because I thought that I could get a good view at Berkeley Marina Pier. A lot of people thought the same thing. However, while the weather was pleasantly and atypically warm for winter even in the Bay, the skies were hazy as you can see. After a disappointing wait (I did see a silhouette of it in all the fog), I just decided to take a photo of these people trying their might to get a good look at the QM2 from across the Bay.


  1. I like this pic!

    Queen Mary is a pretty large ship. I think it regularly docks in NYC harbor, too.

  2. Great choice of an "alternate" human interest photo documenting the QM2 in the bay. I like it!

  3. yes, i agree with freethinker, and it turned out to be a great silhouette of those gentlemen... very nice!

  4. senor...yeah, it's the first time on this coast that's why it was such a big deal. u new yorkers are sooo lucky.

    freethinker...thanks for the visit. omg, your photos of QM2 are stunning, am so envious.

    carol...yeah, doors closed, even windows closed, but found the doggie/kitty door and took it...voila, this pic was IT.


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