From Up There

This photo is taken by Roy as his plane readies for touchdown. View of San Francisco Bay and the city by the bay. Foreground shows Golden Gate and background features the Bay Bridge. Taken from our old camera, which is a 4.1 mp hp digital camera. With a more sophisticated equipment, I have no doubt this shot would be terrific. I do love this though. By the way, all of the pictures here are taken with a point and shoot digital camera, nothing fancy.


  1. Me likey! Something so seductive about a photo of a place from up above.

  2. maganda na siya as it is kahit p&s lang, ang linaw ng blue & greens. kitang-kita pati golden gate bridge.

  3. lizza...i do think so too.

    eye...i called it the little camera that could. was really sad when I had to upgrade.


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