of a once productive hands and plenty of idle time.


  1. Hi! That's such a lovely pattern. It's a pity I've never learned how to crochet or knit.

    I want to thank you for your birthday wishes. I appreciate it very much.

    BTW, regarding the postcard, I got it from a monthly swap but the theme changes each month. For March, it's postcards.

    But I came across this site and perhaps you might be interested:

    I'd love to exchange postcards with you if you like. You can email me at

    Take care!

  2. i like the pattern cache... it would make a nice afghan.... i don't crochet but i do knit... afghans mostly, i like doing all the different patterns... of course, that's when i have the time, i haven't done much knitting in the past 2 years....

    very nice....


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