Year of thePig Festivities

On March 10, San Francisco Chinatown celebrated the start of the Year of the Pig with a street fair. Crowded does not seem to cover it. Grant Avenue, Chinatown's main artery, was closed to traffic.
One of the booths in attendance was one from Harrah's Casino/Reno. They sent a showgirl who was there to take pictures with the guys. There was a line for the picture taking, I did not go. Another stop worth mentioning was a made-up stage where a male emcee was acting like Ryan Seacrest and asking these poeple to sing via karaoke (alll in Chinese language). One middle aged lady came to the stage, answered questions, then started to sing. On the first two bars of the song, we knew even if we dont speak Chinese, that she was out of tune. Everyone heckled her. That was fun. I mean, everyone was laughing, Chinese and nonChinese alike.

There were a lot of freebies around. But one needed to be patient to stay in line for a very long time. This one for McD give-aways had the longest line. This is just a portion of that line.

While the atmosphere was festive, I was a bit disappointed for the lack of street food/food booth. I guess the fact that the restaurants were all open had something to do with that.


  1. mukhang masaya ang celebration ng chinese new year dyan! may mga freebies pa. uso din ba tikoy dyan?

  2. Great shots.I like the colors and details.Good job!

  3. had i heard the voice of the chinese, baka natae na ako sa katatawa. nice blog!

  4. iskoo...nakipila ako sa give-away ng Kraft pero sa McD one block na yang asa pic pero wala pa sa kalahati ng total length ng line. the bag that McD was giving away looked pretty good.

    m. catcher...hard to really get into details that much, there was shoving and i saw a lot of people with fancy looking camera, they had the good shots.

    paurong...thanks for the visit. you would never have been able to recover after listening to that. i was like simon cowell...twas horrible.

  5. Strange! So late. We celebrated Chinese New Year much earlier (february 18)!
    Why are they celebrating it so late?
    Looks like fun !

  6. wow mabenta rin pala ang chinese new year dyan, ang saya ng pics, ang daming happening! sana namigay sila ng hopia :)

  7. sidney...idk why san fran has a habit of celebrating it later than everyone, must have something to do with the logistics.

    eye...they were giving away some sample from kraft and mcdonalds as well as bags from both, there are some more i have not inquired, the lines are too long.

  8. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always nice to meet someone new.

    Great photos! Interesting how the Year of the Pig is celebrated there during March. We had a nice celebration here last Feb. We had the usual tikoy, pasta, fruits, etc.


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