End of an Era

Today is the last official day for this group of radiologists and tomorrow we begin a new era with a whole new set of doctors. May I say thanks to all of you and it was a pleasure working with all of you. What will I miss:
Dr. E....dedication to work and excellent work ethics, you were a great chief.
Dr. G2....as I have told you, keep being a stand-out, because you were not born to fit in, those who fit in are average...you are intellectually superior.
Dr. G1....will definitely miss your jokes that break the monotony of the afternoon, guess you have more time on the fairway now.
Dr.M...you are my most fave of 'em all....vicious defeat...words I will miss hearing from you; we will all miss making you eat good food.
Dr. H2...an angel and a blessing...one who cheered me by saying: EVERY DAY YOU COME TO THE HOSPITAL NOT AS A PATIENT IS A VERY VERY GOOD DAY. Amen, Dr. H, Amen. I wish you could have stayed, but as you said....it's for the best.
Dr. W....you have always been nice to me and I appreciated that. You are not old and yes, if you want to, you can stay up late, late enough to see ER.
Dr. H1...hands down will miss your dry humor...just as I am getting the hang of it.

Thanks for bearing with me. This blog is not designed to be a forum for my feelings; today is the exemption because I am personally sad of their departure.


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