This month I will post Vegas photos taken a couple of years ago. This was taken about midnight with the camera in one hand and those whatchamacallit yardlong Margarita drink in another. While very alive and kicking, this city does not float my boat. I can see the attraction it has on people, but what I thought would interest me bored me instead. Even for those who do not care for gambling, there are plenty of entertainment to be found. Photographing (replicas) for one is what I found to be enjoyable. The dry heat of the desert, however, soured me a bit.


  1. Beautiful shot.

    I never fancied going to Las Vegas.

  2. Ooo! Vegas! Already love the colorful night lights in this picture.

  3. neither did i senor, twas a stop-over on the way to our final destination....grand canyon.

    ferdz, it would be your paradise if you like nightlife and partying.

  4. Wow - great lights!
    Looking forward to seeing more Vegas shots.

  5. just like a scene straight out of csi vegas... if i was there, i'd rather take photos than go casino-hopping hehe!

  6. sin city...

    i don't see myself going there unless someone will pay the bill :)

    i will just take photos


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