Double Delight

This is my 300th post. And also my first blogversary. Yay!
This is also taken together with the last post on the same road trip.


  1. Happy first blog anniversary! Looking forward to more great pictures from you.

  2. beautiful shot, awesome rocks too!

  3. 300th post only on our first year?! Amazing Feat! Congratulations! More post and years to come I hope :D

  4. hi ate cora! i am sorry i have been out of touch lately. have beenso busy. i have almost finished my assignment so i am a bit loose and sane at present. hope you are well.malapit na naman ang bday mo. almost a month na lang ;-)

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    Wishing you more to come!

  6. thanks lizza and luke.

    ferds...did not realize i was prolific. guess had so much time on my hands the past 12 months,eh.

    ma'am...miss you too, dont check friendster that often kaya this week kolang basa msg mo. balik blog ka na ba? dont remind me of my b/day, it just make me grow older earlier.

    senor...hope i would have more to show, though. thanks for the greetings.

  7. 300 in one year?

    highly productive


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