Caught Shooting #14

I caught them shooting infront of the city hall, but the guy in red had a quick reflex and caught me shooting at them. Ooops. BTW, on both sides are statues.


  1. buti pa dyan pwede pa rin mag picture picture, dito sa pinas kapag may professional camera ka at nagpicture ka sa cityhall or other stratigic places, ipinagbabawal na..

  2. did he take a picture of you?, nice one!

  3. Napansin ko lang ha - Bakit naka half mast yung bandera sa background?

    Okay ang mga shots mo. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. iskoo, infront of city hall may wedding pictorial nga eh, i dont see any restrictions to that.

    luke...nope my driver was quick, we shoot and run.

    kulas...i guess it was a weekend kaya naka half mast, cant think of any other reason. thanks for the visit.


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