I know it is quite uncommon for photobloggers to do memes/to get tagged, but I was…by Geri, who was the reason I am blogging or knew what blog was all about. So I am doing this meme.

Short history, I was googling “Gabby Concepcion” of all people one day after I heard that he was/is working as a real-estate agent somewhere in this part of California. One search entry that I first clicked was Geri’s blog. But I did not find anything about it, so I commented about how I got to her blog. Apparently she wrote about him in her earlier blog. I got mesmerized by Geri’s writing, so to the point. I found myself checking in on her blog daily and eventually decided to get one for myself. My first blog was called AS I WAS SAYING powered by Friendster. I had three readers, Maan, Rose, and Treu and Geri linked me. It was difficult to maintain a blog so I closed shop. Because I had a growing number of photos in my cache, I thought I’d rather do a photoblog instead. Presently, I have two photoblogs and one regular blog that I hardly have time to maintain.

I am sharing a sketch of me and my husband here, in this meme called THE FACE BEHIND THE BLOG. As you can read that this blog is a collection of photos taken by me and my significant other; it is only fitting to include him in this post.

I love cool summers and mild winters, nippy autumn days and spring flowers, Barry Bonds and the Giants, my regular tv shows that come every fall. I love walking under eucalyptus trees and hearing the dried leaves crack under my every step. I love long drives to nowhere; they are the best therapy for any malaise (husband just refuted this saying he does the driving). I wept (as did my husband) at the first sight of the Grand Canyon...too magnificent for words. If I could I would live in a national park. I love the giant sequioas, what stories they could tell if they could speak.

Not tagging anyone in particular, but it would be cool if others would do this as well.

*we paid $10 in Baja California to an ambulant sketch "artist" to do this. he showed us terrific sketches and we thought it would be our total likeness. well....some souvenir it is.


  1. clever, nasubd nga yung tag pero ang daya sketch lang ,hehehe. pero at least kita pa rin ang face behind the blog.

  2. That's a lovely sketch. I enjoyed reading this meme and learning some nice things about you.

    You seem to be nature lover. I like the sound of long drives to nowhere. It gives me the impression that you love surprises and excitement.

    Thanks for sharing. I did the same meme just recently.

  3. Hi MC, wow, I'm glad that your showbiz search lead you to me and got you to blogging too:) That's a great sketch! You got me curious on Grand Canyon. While my BFF described it as the most wonderful sight, another friend Carlo describes it as just another "hole", to my BFF's shock and dismay. But he loves Vegas, so I could see why haha. Thanks for doing the tag and sharing something personal about the face behind the blog :)

  4. Wah. that's hardly a picture! but ok, at least we can see how you look like.

    Wow! Now I'd really like to see the grand canyon myself. Hopefully matuloy ako dyan mid next year :D


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