Where To?

While on a stop light in historic Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona, I spotted these signs. So many places to go, so very little time.


  1. dami nga signs, ano pinili mo durectiuon? ako gusto ko pumunta LA.

  2. Life is full of difficult choices! Which road did you follow?

  3. Route 66! Did you took this while on a traffic stop? Then you really have your camera handy.

  4. Possibly not the most confusing set of road signs I've seen but a good contender.

  5. iskoo... i was headed that way, but stopped a town away; not time to go home yet.

    sidney...yes choices choices choices. went towards LA.

    rey...thanks for the visit. when on a roadtrip the camera should not leave the body or you might miss something.


    mandy....not confusing at all, mostly confusing where you want to go but the directions are clear. love your road signs too.


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