Well, back to Alaska posting again. Check out the name on the pole. Yes, this is in Manila Square in Juneau in front of the Red Dog Saloon, which been recognized by the Alaska Legislature for its longevity as the oldest man-made tourist attraction in Juneau.

This is the link to the resolution to dedicate this part of town in honor of Juneau's Filipino community:http://www.juneau.org/clerk/Resolutions/Res2171.pdf


  1. I love that red pannelling. Nice photo.

  2. Fascinating, I love the stories behind these sort of places. Thanks for taking me travelling from my desktop. lol!

  3. Great shot I like the color and the shape of the building it looks like an interesting place.

  4. Must be the manongs who migrated to Alaska to join the sardine packing industry.

    Nice capture :0


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