Let's Eat

This table got's my name on it.
Long line outside the restaurant could only mean one thing---good food.

Early again? I am not about to shoot while others are eating, now would I?

This table we shared with a couple from Hongkong. Sometimes sharing a table with total strangers leads to better table conversation.


  1. Oh my, that looks very posh and expensive.

  2. I agree with Mike! How was the food?

  3. You'd better not put your elbows on a table in a place like that.

  4. These pictures make me crave for some fine foods ... hehehe!

    A rule of thumb in NYC: If the bathroom is clean, that means the kitchen is a clean one as well.

  5. Those are pretty nice dining areas. So true about sharing tables, especially with fellow travelers, they had some interesting stories to tell.


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