Napa Valley

Taken in early fall; you can see half has turned red and the other half stubbornly clinging to their green leaves.

Thanks for all the Thanksgiving greetings. We did have a good one with family; hubby outdid himself with the turkey and all the fixings and I did not stuff myself to the gills with food as I was running a fever. I did manage to enjoy the meal, though.

Gotta go to see Beowulf (is that how you spell it?) Nope, I do not shop after thanksgiving. Not me.


  1. nice shot! did you like Beowulf?

  2. I hope you feel better now!
    Did you sample the wine?

  3. Speedy recovery to you. Nice that you've treated us to such a great shot even when sick :)

  4. Hope you are feeling better now. Lovely image.

  5. luke...Beowulf is just okay. Not bad but not soo good either.

    sidney...not on this trip, i do like to go back after the holidays for some of that much enjoyed activity.

    isadora...thanks for the visit. just one of those cold weather woes that comes in at this time.


  6. I'd like to watch that movie with my hubby too. Maybe this weekend.

    We watched Enchanted earlier this afternoon. It's a beautiful movie worth watching.


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